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Take Command of All Wiping Activities With Jetico Central Manager

Wipe files and free space remotely with Jetico Central ManagerJetico Central Manager (JCM), included as a component in BCWipe – Enterprise, has been developed to enable Administrators to centrally deploy BCWipe client software and distribute wiping policies in just a few clicks.

The web-based management console allows controlling wiping activities remotely from any device with a web browser. 

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Deploy with Ease

- Connect client computers to the server and add them to the database automatically by simply running one executable file.
- Support for deployment automation using Windows Group Policy or third-party utilities (e.g. Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk) (Windows only).

Manage BCWipe on client endpoints with web-based consoleManagement

Wipe Files Remotely

- Control wiping activities from anywhere with a web browser. Now works on any device, including smartphones and tablets.
- Manage wiping on any remote computer that’s connected to the internet, including those outside your corporate network.
- Configure wiping tasks to be executed immediately, or set up recurring tasks that help your organization maintain continuous cyber hygiene.

Central Management of Wiping Policy Distribution

 - Compliance has never been easier with pre-set wiping policies that are designed by Jetico experts to erase traces of deleted files, user activity, and browser history beyond recovery.
 - Create customized wiping policies to best match your company standards, choosing from 14+ erasure methods included with BCWipe.
- Assign wiping policies to individual computers or in bulk, covering the entire group of computers in one click.

Control User Access to Wiping Commands

- Administrators decide whether users can erase files of their choice, or are restricted from launching BCWipe. In that case, only centrally enforced wiping tasks will run. 


Follow progress in real time as you wipe files and foldersMonitor State of Client Computers

- Get instant alerts when there’s a problem and see the progress of wiping tasks in real time.

Centralized Logging

- Get detailed logs of selected or groups of computers, including the full list of changes and instantly view warnings/errors.
- Get detailed logs of selected wiping tasks, including the full history of previous runs (for recurring tasks).

Create Global Reports in HTML or PDF Format

- Run and retrieve wiping reports for auditing purposes, including comprehensive information about: Active accounts, status and number of licenses, status and number of managed endpoints, account activity logs.

Audit Logs

- Review audit logs to track configuration changes made by a selected account or all accounts with complete and precise activity reporting.

Sample of wiping report generated by Jetico Central ManagerTask Automation

Erasing Files on a Schedule

- Take advantage of the comprehensive scheduling options provided with BCWipe to automatically wipe files and free space at a set time or on a regular basis  — daily, weekly, monthly or when users turn their PCs on or off.

Wipe Files on SSD Faster and More Efficiently

- Reserved Space — This unique feature of BCWipe helps you to wipe free space faster and protects your SSD from wearing out. Now you can centrally manage this feature as part of the Wipe Free Space wiping command.


Erase Deleted Files Automatically

- Take advantage of BCWipe's Transparent Wiping that runs in the background and wipes all deleted files and folders automatically. Now you can centrally manage this feature as part of a wiping policy.

Updating Software & Backup

- Schedule automatic updates for both client software and Jetico Central Manager Database
- Automatic backup of Jetico Central Manager Database.


Protected Network Traffic

- Communication between client computers and a server is secured by using public/private key technology with HTTPS protocol.

Encrypted Database

- Sensitive information in the Jetico Central Manager is securely encrypted.

Add multiple accounts with different level of accessMSPs & Bigger Enterprises

Server Clustering

- Cluster mode allows you to set up several application servers and one control unit to distribute the load. Cluster mode is useful when managing large numbers of encrypted endpoints.

Role-Based Administration

- Support for multiple accounts and role-based access control to share responsibilities between multiple personnel and assign access to the Jetico Central Manager based on role (Administrator, Operator, Auditor).

Managing Multiple Companies

- MSP can now manage multiple companies from one database and a single console, including separate licensing, software and/or encryption policies.

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System Requirements

Supported operating systems for Jetico Central Manager

Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8.x
Windows 7
Windows Vista SP2
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2

(32-bit and 64-bit versions)

Supported operating systems for BCWipe client software:

Windows 10
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista (x86 only)
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 (incl. R2)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2008 (x86 only)

Central management for Mac/Unix systems is now under development

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