BCWipe Privacy Guard Now on Windows 11!

Did You Know That Windows Is Tracking You?

Regain your privacy in one click with BCWipe Privacy Guard.
Privacy Guard dashboard in BCWipe 7

BCWipe Privacy Guard collects all Windows 10 & 11 privacy settings and allows you to disable the default tracking features with one click. Users can further boost their privacy by applying the settings recommended by Jetico's data protection specialists. Watch our how-to video and get started with BCWipe Privacy Guard.

BCWipe Privacy Guard is now integrated with BCWipe and BestCrypt Suite, meaning existing users benefit from an added privacy dashboard. 
BCWipe additionally reinforces the potential of BCWipe Privacy Guard by enabling secure erasure of data collected
by Windows, including activity history, passwords and credit card details.

Benefits & Advantages

Gear showing technical features of the product
Manage all Windows 10 & 11 privacy settings in one interface

BCWipe Privacy Guard collects all Windows 10 & 11 privacy settings and allows you to easily adjust them from one interface. Users also have the option to disable Microsoft’s default tracking features with one click, such as location tracking, activity tracking, and targeted advertising.

Filled checklist for all industry standard
Bring your privacy setup to the next level

Jetico’s data protection specialists have created the optimal privacy setup for you! Instead of going through each setting and thinking about what should be disabled or left alone, you can simply click 'Use Jetico recommended settings' under Privacy Settings. This option provides most users with the best balance between privacy and uninterrupted workflow. 

Broom to wipe files beyond forensic recovery
Receive data wiping suggestions

BCWipe Privacy Guard provides you with additional tips on how you can boost your security with data wiping. To help keep your computer clean and safe, the utility will suggest which files and folders should be wiped with BCWipe 

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