Enterprise Data Protection

Data breaches are on the rise. Rely on Jetico's BestCrypt and BCWipe to comply with the most stringent regulations and protect sensitive enterprise data.
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    Encrypt Hard Drives
    BestCrypt Volume Encryption

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    Enterprise Data Protection by Jetico

    To protect sensitive enterprise data throughout the lifecycle, while ensuring compliance with the most stringent regulations - including HIPAA and GDPR - Jetico's portfolio includes:

    Enterprise Editions of BestCrypt and BCWipe include Jetico Central Manager to empower Administrators with control of client software on remote computers.

    Which Enterprise Data Protection Tool Do You Need?

    Use BestCrypt Volume Encryption as the ideal solution for compliance in case of lost computers or stolen laptops.
    BestCrypt Volume Encryption delivers superior whole disk encryption for all data stored on fixed or removable disk devices by featuring pre-boot authentication.

    BestCrypt Volume Encryption - Enterprise Edition includes Jetico Central Manager for remote deployment of client software, policy distribution, monitoring and inventory of all disk volumes, centralized storage of rescue data and password recovery for emergency access to encrypted volumes.

    Use BestCrypt Container Encryption for storing selected files or folders on active computers, shared workstations, network or cloud storage.
    By providing transparent use and access to files via virtual drives, BestCrypt encrypted containers are intuitively easy. BestCrypt container files may be moved to any computer or storage media, working seamlessly between Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (Beta).

    BestCrypt Container Encryption - Enterprise Edition includes Jetico Central Manager for remote deployment of client software, monitoring and inventory of encryption containers, centralized storage of keys and password recovery for emergency access to encrypted data.

    Use BCWipe Total WipeOut for erasing entire hard drives before disposal, decommission or repurpose.
    BCWipe Total WipeOut erases traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD) and Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) - including boot records, filesystem structures, operating system files and service areas like Host Protected Area (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO).

    BCWipe Total WipeOut - Enterprise Edition includes centralized wiping and reporting for remote control of multiple computers simultaneously. Enterprise Edition customers have the option of buying licenses for a defined number of wipes or purchasing an annual license to wipe an unlimited number of hard drives. 

    Use BCWipe for wiping selected files or folders on active systems, such as for cleaning up a data spill.
    Residual data, known as Data Remanence, continues to exist after common activities, such as 'delete' a file.  BCWipe lets you remove all traces of unwanted files beyond recovery, while still preserving your operating system and other data you want to keep.

    BCWipe - Enterprise Edition includes Jetico Central Manager with Enforcer mode to run BCWipe remotely without end-user intervention.

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