Did You Know That Data Is More Vulnerable When It’s in Use? Protect data in use with BestCrypt Data Shelter

Data in use is accessible and typically exists in an unencrypted state, which makes it vulnerable to ransomware, malware, and prying eyes. BestCrypt Data Shelter has been designed to protect data in use from unwanted processes and users. Watch our 3-step how-to video and get started with BestCrypt Data Shelter.

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When we talk about processes, we essentially mean tasks that are being carried out on your computer. BestCrypt Data Shelter spots the difference between uninfected trusted processes and those that have been hijacked by a virus. Our cybersecurity tool will forbid malicious processes from accessing protected folders.

BestCrypt Data Shelter protects data in use by ensuring that folders on active computers can only be accessed by trusted programs and authorized users. By creating protection policies for selected folders, users can keep data safe and secure even when it’s being used.

Benefits & Advantages:

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Create protection policies for selected folders

With BestCrypt Data Shelter, users can create protection policies for any number of folders. Once polices are in place, the contents of those folders will be protected from unwanted programs and users when they are in use. 

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Adjust policies manually

Protection policies allow you to manually select which programs and users have access to a particular folder. Alternatively, you can request BestCrypt Data Shelter to only provide registered programs with access, or request Data Shelter to create protection policies based on the history of programs accessing the folder. 

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Easily add drive encryption with BestCrypt

BestCrypt Data Shelter receives information about encrypted disk volumes from BestCrypt Volume Encryption. Users are informed whether protected folders are located on an encrypted volume or not. Users also have the option to encrypt the underlying disk volume with BestCrypt Volume Encryption by clicking on the 'Encrypt' button.

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Create encrypted backups for protected folders

The tool allows you to create encrypted and compressed backup archives of protected folders with Jetico’s BCArchive software, which is embedded in BestCrypt Data Shelter. Users can configure BestCrypt Data Shelter to automatically and regularly synchronize the contents of protected folders with the encrypted archive.  

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