Erase Computer Hard Drive Before Donating

BCWipe Enables Trusted Computer Donations with Tamper-Proof Wiping 

Companies wish to donate their used computers, but without giving away their sensitive data.
rganizations can rely on BCWipe Total WipeOut:

  • Erase computer hard drive before donating
  • Retrieve tamper-proof wiping reports for compliance
  • Reduce electronic waste

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The mission of Fablab des 3 Lapins, a non-profit organization, is to implement the digital revolution in rural and socio-disadvantaged areas. Beyond wiping hard drives, Jetico’s BCWipe software has helped Fablab to successfully...

  • Gain donors’ trust
    Trusted for over 20 years by the U.S. Department of Defense and similar top security organizations, BCWipe’s impressive reputation helps companies feel better about donating their used computers and letting Fablab handle the wiping process.
  • Reduce downtime with a user-friendly solution
    Originally, Fablab was using the Linux native method for data wiping and reporting. Fablab complained that it was too time-consuming and was consistently difficult for technicians without Linux expertise. With an intuitive interface, BCWipe Total WipeOut doesn’t require learning new skills — plug in the bootable disk and the wiping process begins.
  • Wipe an unlimited number of drives
    With an enterprise license of BCWipe Total WipeOut, Fablab is equipped with a bootable disk that empowers them to wipe unlimited computers.

We need to gain trust from companies who give us their computers. Before a used computer can come back for a second life, BCWipe makes sure that no sensitive data remains. 

Norbert Romand, Implementation Expert, Fablab des 3 Lapins

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Erase Computer Hard Drive Before Donating & More

Engineered for a wide range of users — from large organizations handling national security to small offices with personal data — BCWipe Total WipeOut keeps sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Compliant disposal when upgrading hardware
  • Wiping before sending for physical destruction
  • Clearing to decommission or repurpose drives between classified programs
  • Erasing failed hard drives under warranty before returning to manufacturer
  • Donating computers to community

Customers have the option of buying licenses for a defined number of wipes or working with an unlimited annual licensing option. In addition to a bootable disk, BCWipe Total WipeOut can wipe drives and store reports remotely over the network by using nothing more than a web browser.

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