File Shredder for Data You Must Destroy

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What is a File Shredder?

A file shredder is software that allows users to permanently delete files when no longer needed. This process is also known as wiping and consists in overwriting the space once occupied by the deleted file (or the file we aim to erase forever) by using zeros and ones.

When to Use a File Shredder?

For nearly a century, shredders have been the standard office tool for destroying documents. These tools effectively turn paper into confetti so that the sensitive information on a page is unreadable.

In the digital age, sensitive information is more likely to be stored in a document file than on a paper document. When the time comes to delete a piece of data, a file shredder tool like
BCWipe can do an even more effective job than its office namesake.

Why You Need a File Shredder?

While the shredded strips of a paper document can be painstakingly reassembled, a properly shredded piece of data is destroyed beyond recovery.

Unfortunately, many falsely assume that simply deleting a file means it has been destroyed. In reality, drive partitions, master boot records, operating systems, and software caches often retain deleted data creating a false sense of user security. In most cases, data that has simply been deleted can still be recovered with ease.

File shredder software takes file deletion to the next level by actually overwriting the space once occupied by the deleted file. This means that even if a person or software tool knows exactly where to look for a deleted file, there is no longer any data to be found there.

File Shredder difference between deleting and wiping a data file

How to Shred a File with BCWipe

Whether you are using Windows, MacOS, or UNIX, BCWipe makes shredding files simple. The ‘Delete with Wiping’ feature allows users to delete a file, a folder, or a group of files and folders and have confidence that the data is truly destroyed.

With BCWipe, permanently deleting files is both reliable and user-friendly. To securely erase files on SSD review our step-by-step instructions.

Added Benefits of BCWipe
BCWipe is a comprehensive data wiping solution that allows users to be confident that their deleted data is absolutely unrecoverable. Beyond file shredding, BCWipe users have access to a robust feature set including options such as:

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