Still using sticky notes to write passwords down? 

Let BestCrypt Note be your memo. Passwords, contacts, credit card details and more always in your pocket, secured. 

BestCrypt Note provides convenient way to save, store and organize personal notes on your mobile device.  Additional layer of industry standard encryption combined with versatile security settings help making sure your data stays private. 


Set up a password and BestCrypt Note will securely save and store: 

Screenshots for BestCrypt Note app
  • Text notes: personal or confidential 
  • Credit card details: ready to be copied
  • Contacts: secure calling directly from app; outgoing calls leave no trace in Call History 
  • Location coordinates 
  • Account logins & passwords: open target URL in a single tap




Encrypted notes on your mobile device
Encrypted personal notes

Any sensitive notes stored in BestCrypt Note are now protected!

    You are the only owner of your encryption key
    No back doors

    Jetico solutions are known and valued for not having backdoors or related vulnerabilities.

    Encrypted cloud backup and sync between deviced
    Sync between devices

    Get access to your notes from another Android device

    Get access to your encrypted notes in Windows
    View notes in Windows

    Access your notes from a Windows device with BCArchive by Jetico

    Versatile security settings to protect your encrypted notes
    Versatile security settings

    Lock out after inactivity, require password to re-access, prevent notes from appearing in screenshots and more.

    Secure calls from encrypted contact notes
    Secure calls

    Make calls directly from secure contact note; outgoing calls leave no trace in Call History

    minimal permission requirements with on-demand permission management
    Minimal permission requirements

    Installs with one permission only. Choose to grant more permissions in-place for smoother integration with third-party services.

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