Want to Compress a Bunch of Documents into a Single Encrypted File for Archiving?

Use BCArchive. Zip, Arj and RAR can compress files, but they can’t protect them from prying eyes like BCArchive can.

BCArchive is designed to compress a group of files or folders into a single encrypted file, which can also be converted to an executable program.

Benefits & Advantages

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Painless encryption

BCArchive is very simple yet very secure - just specify a password for the archive when you create it and enter the same password to decrypt and extract the data.
BCArchive embeds itself within Windows and can be activated from the Explorer FILE Menu, the context (right-click) menu, a command-line prompt or a batch file.

You are the only owner of your encryption key
Public key encryption available

Passwords are no longer needed if you have your recipient’s public key - just choose your recipient’s public key and click Encode. BCArchive enables the use of existing public keys from BestCrypt databases, and those created for PGP software, which have been used world-wide for many years.

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Compressed archive with strong encryption

BCArchive utilizes the following encryption algorithms, standards and specifications:

  • Symmetric algorithms: Rijndael (AES), Blowfish-256, Blowfish-448, IDEA, CAST5, GOST 28147-89, Triple DES
  • Secure Hash Algorithms: SHA-256, SHA-1, MD5 and RIPEMD-160
  • Asymmetric (public/secret key pair) algorithms: RSA, ElGamal / Diffie-Hellman
  • Specifications for public/secret key pair format: PKCS #12, X.509
  • PKCS #5 recommendations for the implementation of password-based cryptography
  • RFC 2440 specifications for session keys encrypted by symmetric or public key encryption algorithms
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Support for self-extracting archives

BCArchive offers you the facility to create a 'self-extracting' file. Data is compressed and encrypted into a single archive file, which is converted to an executable program. At any time thereafter you or your recipient can run the program on any computer and extract the data without installing any special software.

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