Features -BestCrypt Note

Saving notes

  • Save and store encrypted notes on your mobile device
  • Templates for most common purposes
    Securely save text notes, credit card details, passwords, contacts or location

Protecting notes

  • AES encryption
    The notes are secured with industry standard AES encryption with 256 bit key
  • Password protection
    Enter password to access your notes. Anyone else is blocked out.
  • Password timeout
    The notes are locked automatically after inactivity timeout. Entering password is required to re-access. 
  • Prevent third-party access
    Prevent notes from appearing in screenshots, switcher or other unsecured displays; nothing else on your mobile device can see your notes.
  • Secure settings
    Changing important settings requires a password; no one else can tamper with the app.

Organizing notes

    • Sorting notes
      Choose which notes to see first. Sort alphabetically, by date created, last accessed or last updated.
    • Type filter
      Displays notes of similar type (passwords, contacts, credit cards...) together.
    • Text and color tagging
      Add color tags to spot certain notes easier. Add text tags and view all notes with selected tag.
    • Search notes
      Searches for the information you need it titles, note body and tags. Displays best matches.
    • Archive notes
      Hide less relevant notes from the Home Screen to a secondary archive folder. Restore when needed.

    Sync and backup

    • Sync between devices
      Get access to your notes from another Android device
    • Access notes from Windows
      View and edit notes from a Windows device with BCArchive by Jetico
    • Encrypted backup
      Save encrypted backup of your notes to your Google Drive. Restore when needed.
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    Alternative languages

    Jetico is only responsible for the English language version. Yet many of our users have kindly contributed translations of the software so it appears in their native language. Jetico appreciates our open global community of dedicated users and enables the distribution of these user-contributed translations:

    Chinese simplified

    If you would like to translate BestCrypt Note software into your native language, contact Jetico Technical Support. We express our gratitude to the people who translate our programs into their native languages.

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