BestCrypt Note Guide

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Note Types

BestCrypt Note has templates for different types of information, e.g. contacts or accounts. Using templates makes it easy to find, categorize and filter this information.

TextText note

Use to store any plain text information securely: notes-to-self, private messages, shopping-lists, etc.
Hint: To paste text from clipboard, long-tap inside the note and select Paste.

CardCredit card (including PIN-code)

Use to store credit card number, validity period, CVV/CVC, PIN-code and other details securely.
Using this Note Type makes it really easy to make payments on the internet without needing your wallet.

AccountAccount credentials (login / password / URL)

Most people have many accounts and it is sometimes difficult to remember all of them. Using this Note Type, any account can be stored securely.

To copy content to the clipboard, tap the Copy icon next to the Login or Password field.

To open URL, tap the Url icon and select a browser.


Do some of your contacts need additional security? Use this Note Type to keep your contacts private, whether clients or family.

To import existing contact from your phone, select the contact from the contact book of the phone, choose Share and select BestCrypt Note.

To place a secure call, tap the Call icon.
Note: Outgoing calls made from a Contact Note within the app are not displayed in the Call History of your device. Instead, the Call History is logged and saved within the Contact Note, which makes it easy to keep track of your conversations. To change this option, go to the Settings.

To write an email, tap the Email icon.


Use to save important locations. Latitude/longitude are also saved.

To save your current location or to open previously saved locations in the map application, tap the Location icon.

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