BestCrypt Note Guide

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Work with Notes

BestCrypt Note provides a number of options to help you work more efficiently with notes by categorizing them so you can find them more easily.


You can use a sort criterion to list notes in a specific sequence:

– Alphabetically
– By creation time
– By access time
– By edition time

To change the default sort criterion, go to the Settings section on the Main Menu.

Type Filter

When you have many notes, you may find it useful to use a Type Filter. Once turned on, it appears on the toolbar and allows you to view only notes of a selected Note Type, e.g. Text, Location, Contacts, etc. To turn on a Type Filter, go to the Settings section.

Background color

To make a note more visible in a list, you can add a background color. By default, only the title of the opened note will be filled with the color. To activate the option to set the whole note to be filled by the color, go to the Settings section.

To select a background color, open the note and tap the Color icon.


You can mark your notes with tags for additional filtering. Once the Tags option has been turned on, you will be able to view all notes associated with a particular tag from the Main Menu.

To turn on the Tags option, go to the Settings. After turning the feature on, you can add tags at the bottom of any note.


To find a specific note, tap the Search icon on the Home Screen toolbar and enter your search keywords: names, tags, content, etc..

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