BestCrypt Note Guide

Quick Start Note Types Work with Notes Synchronization and backup Settings


All notes are stored inside an encrypted storage – BestCryptNotes.bca, which can only be opened with its password. When closed, the storage file is fully secured and can be safely transferred to another device or to an internet location, for example to create a backup.

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BestCrypt Note has additional options for the security of your notes.

Password timeout

Automatically lock down storage by closing the notes after a period of inactivity (5 minutes by default). This feature ensures your notes won’t be accessible to others if you are distracted by something and leave your phone unattended.

To set a Password Timeout, go to the Settings section on the Main Menu.

Prevent third-party access

This feature prevents notes from appearing in screenshots, switcher or other unsecured displays.

To activate Prevent Third-Party Access, go to the Settings section.

Secure calls

Secure outgoing call history by moving it from your device to secure storage in BestCrypt Notes. This option automatically moves a call history log from your device’s phone book to a Contact Note where it is stored privately and securely.

To activate automatic transfer of call history to notes, go to the Settings.

Change password

To change password, on the Password screen when you log in, tap the More icon and select Change Password.

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