Enterprise Edition

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Wipe over the network with BCWipe Total WipeOut – Enterprise Edition

By using nothing more than a simple web browser interface, BCWipe Total WipeOut – Enterprise Edition
enables one or more persons (Administrator and Operators) to erase hard drives and SSDs on multiple
computers simultaneously over the network.

To learn more about BCWipe Total WipeOut – Enterprise Edition or require a free trial, contact us!

Features – BCWipe Total WipeOut Enterprise Edition

Wipe SSD remotely with BCWipe TWO Enterprise

Remote Operation 

Erase hard drives and computers remotely

- NEW! Introducing support for erasing T2 and M1 Macs

- Take control over wiping data by assigning and initiating erasure tasks from a central management console

- Target computers can automatically boot to the disk erasure interface and become instantly available in the management console with support for PXE boot

Erase network storage drives

- Wipe SAN storage arrays and other iSCSI devices over the network, without the need to physically access or to first disassemble the hardware

Web-based management console

- Follow the progress of hard disk wiping tasks and get notified about related events on any device with a web browser, including smartphones and tablets

Wipe SSD remotely with BCWipe TWO Enterprise

Management and Monitoring

Centralized wiping policies assigned in one click

- Use default DoD compliant wiping policies or create and save customized policies to best match your organization’s own disk wiping requirements

Keep account of all wiping operations performed

- View history of disks and computers wiped in the BCWipe Total WipeOut central database

Customizable wiping reports

- Retrieve wiping logs or generate tamper-proof erasure reports for any chosen asset (see sample)

- Choose which information to include, add custom fields and export in 5 popular formats to use for audit purposes
as certificate of proof

Task Automation

Fully automated operations for a group of computers

- NEW! Automatically run hardware health check diagnostics after wiping

- Instantly wipe hard drives with preferred settings on any computer assigned to the automated group

Distribute wiping settings to groups

- Save time and clicks by defining global setting like wiping schemes, report fields and preferences for all computers
in a group

MSPs & Large Enterprises

Hard disk wiping report sample version 5

Role-based centralized management

- Support for multiple accounts and role-based access control to share responsibilities between multiple personnel and assign access to BCWipe Total WipeOut Console based on role (Administrator, Operator, Auditor)

Scalable disk erasure to wipe multiple computers simultaneously

- Save time wiping disk arrays using BCWipe Total Wipe Out with the ability to erase hard drives in parallel

- Erasing computer data before selling used hardware? Boost your end of life wiping performance by cleaning unlimited assets simultaneously

Certificate of proof

- Export customizable erasure reports to provide your customers or management with proof of successful disk sanitization

Certificates and Compliance

DoD-approved for DoD wipe

- Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense for hard drive sanitization, BCWipe Total WipeOut achieves security compliance using built-in DoD wipe standards

NIST 800-88 compliant wiping tool

- BCWipe Total WipeOut supports methods of disk purge compliant with NIST 800-88 guidelines on media sanitization

Verified by independent third-party

- ADISA verified for Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) & e-waste centers

Language version


Gear showing technical features of the product
System Requirements

Supported platforms

OS independent
x86, BIOS or EFI
x64, BIOS or EFI

Apple devices Feature for Mac
Intel-based Mac (pre-2018) 
T2 Mac (2018+) 
Apple Silicon M1 Mac (2020+) 

64-bit SPARC, Itanium

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