Wipe Hard Drives & Meet NIST Requirements in a Single Click

BCWipe Total WipeOut brings users the ability to erase hard drive data and follow NIST guidelines in a single click. 

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BCWipe Total WipeOut, Jetico's solution to wipe entire hard drives, now addresses the practical needs of organizations dealing with NIST requirements by featuring a preconfigured wiping policy that meets the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

How Does It Work?

To ensure adherence to the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization, users simply need to select the 'NIST 800-88 PURGE' wiping policy when setting up the bootable media.

Screenshot showing how to enable NIST800-88 wiping policy compliance in BCWipe Total WipeOut

The wiping policy includes: 

  • Implementation of hardware-level erasure techniques, such as NVMe User Data Erase.
  • A verification step to provide confirmation of successful data erasure.
  • A notification system that informs if the wiping process results in a Clear or Purge level of sanitization.

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Key Benefits

  • Gain Peace of Mind 
    Fully meet NIST guidelines when wiping hard drives
  • Save Time
    Follow the NIST guidelines in a single click, allowing you to dedicate resources to more critical tasks
  • Streamline Auditing
    Obtain tamper-proof wiping reports with ease for auditing purposes

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About BCWipe Total WipeOut

For over 20 years, BCWipe Total WipeOut has been trusted by the world’s top security organizations to erase the contents of traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD), Solid-State Drives (SSD) and Solid-State Hybrid Drives (SSHD). Since 2016, Jetico’s data wiping solution has been certified by ADISA.

Find out more about BCWipe Total WipeOut and see how it can benefit your organization, or contact our data specialist for further inquiries or to request a free demo.