Features - BCWipe Total WipeOut

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  • Run from a bootable disk (CD/DVD or USB flash drive) – Open
  • Wipe entire hard drives – Open
    - Traditional Hard Drives (HDD), Solid State Drives (SSD), Hybrid Drives (SSHD)
  • Support for TRIM on SSD – Open
  • Operating system independent – Open
  • File system independent – Open
  • Support for multiple wiping schemes – Open
  • Wipe IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI, PCI-E & removable drives – Open
  • Wipe NVMe drives – Open
  • Automatically unfreeze drives before using ATA secure erase – Open
  • High-performance wiping – Open
  • Wipe drives in parallel – Open
  • Wipe DCO hidden sectors & HPA – Open
  • Support for hotplug – Open
  • Log files – Open
  • Central management from browser-based interface for deployment, monitoring, configuring policies & retrieving reports – Enterprise Edition
  • License to wipe an unlimited number of hard drives – Enterprise Edition
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System Requirements

OS independent

Supported platforms
x86, BIOS or EFI
x64, BIOS or EFI