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Erase Hard Drives Beyond Recovery Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Full disk wiping technology cleans hard drives entirely, wiping data as well as erasing evidence this data ever existed. This method is a better, ecological and profitable alternative to physically destroy hard drives by degaussing or using tools such as a hammer - read 3 reasons why. To securely wipe your computer clean review our step-by-step instructions.

Wiping Disk, Hidden Areas Included Feature for Windows

Erase data traces from places you didn’t know existed with BCWipe Total WipeOut automatically detecting and wiping HPA and DCO hidden areas.

DoD compliant wiping schemes designed by Jetico

Media-Based Wiping Policies Developed by Jetico Experts Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Whether wiping SSD and HDD or erasing removable drives, rely on built-in wiping policies designed by Jetico engineers to best address the specifics of different storage media.

Forensically Clean Wiping with a Multifaceted Approach Feature for Windows

Unlike other software relying solely on firmware-specific commands, Jetico’s BCWipe Total WipeOut combines years
of expertise in overwriting data with the benefits of ATA Secure Erase and TRIM support – producing the most reliable results.

DoD Wipe Standard, among 15 Built-in Schemes Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Wipe data according to DoD requirements or choose from a variety of other data wiping standards. Create your own custom wiping scheme to comply with data wiping standards of your organization. Review all wiping schemes supported by BCWipe Total WipeOut.

Erase Computer Data Entirely with OS-Independent Wiping Tool Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

NEW! Now including support for full drive erasure on T2 and M1 Macs.

Forensically wiping data spills requires that the erased disk is isolated from the OS. BCWipe Total WipeOut prevents data leaks by operating from its own environment that can start up and erase computers with any OS including wiping retired computers with possibly no OS at all. 

Widest Hardware Support to Wipe SSD, HDD, NVMe & More Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

NEW! Now compatible with Microsoft's Secure Boot. 

Jetico offers support for the widest range of hardware from NVMe SSD wiping in modern laptops to large-capacity HDD wiping in server systems, including support to wipe Sparc and Itanium architecture.

Unlock & Wipe Locked Drives Feature for Windows

BCWipe Total Wipeout automatically removes freeze lock before wiping ATA drives to enable support for ATA Secure Erase and other firmware-specific commands. 

Disk-Level Verification + Hex Viewer Feature for Windows

NEW! Now supporting adjustable partial verification settings.

Assurance of data wiping with automatic sector-level verification. And more – a built-in HEX viewer allows exploring wiped disk sectors. 

Detailed Logging & Reporting Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Follow the progress and keep track of disk wiping activities. Save detailed information about media sanitized, including hardware information, list of operations performed, hardware modules installed in the system, unique IDs and version numbers.

NEW! BCWipe Total WipeOut v.5.3 allows users to include in the reports information related to hardware diagnostic tests and SMART data analysis.

Fast, Efficient Technology for Minimal Wear Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Default data wiping methods offered in BCWipe Total WipeOut provide robust and effective wiping while also minimizing device wear.

Flexible Controls & Automation Levels Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Wipe computers in just a couple of clicks in fully automated mode with default wiping policies or take full control of the process in manual mode. BCWipe Total WipeOut is designed for anyone from home users erasing personal computers to experts wiping hard drives for a large-scale enterprise.

Wipe Hard Drives Remotely with Enterprise Edition Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

Central Management from browser-based Interface for deployment, monitoring, configuring policies and retrieving reports with BCWipe Total WipeOut Enterprise

NEW! BCWipe Total WipeOut v.5.3 includes the ability to remotely wipe devices via Wi-Fi connection, allowing for added flexibility and convenience.

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System Requirements

Supported platforms

OS independent
x86, BIOS or EFI
x64, BIOS or EFI

Apple devices Feature for Mac
Intel-based Mac (pre-2018) 
T2 Mac (2018+) 
Apple Silicon M1 Mac (2020+) 

64-bit SPARC, Itanium*

*supported in BCWipe Total WipeOut Enterprise Edition

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