HIPAA Compliant Encryption for the Healthcare Industry

Few institutions need to be as protective of personal data as healthcare. Mandates such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) have been in place for quite a while to safeguard the security of electronic protected health information (ePHI). Nevertheless, this industry suffers the most data breaches.

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Data Protection Compliance by Jetico

Data Breaches by the Numbers:

  • "29,276,385 - Patient health records affected by breach since 2009
  • 7,095,145 - Patient health records breached in 2013
  • 137.7% - Increase in the number of patient records breached in 2012-2013
  • 83.2% - Of 2013 of patient records breached in 2013 resulted from theft
  • 22.1% - Of breach incidents in 2013 resulted from unauthorized access
  • 35% - Of 2013 incidents were due to the loss or theft of an unencrypted laptop or other portable electronic device"¹

To protect sensitive data throughout the lifecycle, Jetico's portfolio includes:

HIPAA Encryption with BestCrypt

'Forensically Clean' Wiping with BCWipe

  • BCWipe to surgically remove selected files
    + data remanence beyond forensic recovery
  • BCWipe Total WipeOut to permanently erase entire drives for disposal or repurpose

Isn't it time for your healthcare organization to be compliant? Talk to Jetico and we can help.

¹ Redspin, BREACH REPORT 2013: Protected Health Information (PHI) February 2014 [Online], Available: http://www.redspin.com/docs/Redspin-2013-Breach-Report-Protected-Health-Information-PHI.pdf [20 Feb 2014].

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