While editing a Microsoft Office document or browsing the Internet, you might not realize that tons of information about your work are being written to- or deleted from the disk in the background. While a typical application is running, it creates temporary files, cache objects or other special system files that may contain confidential information. Even when these files are deleted, sensitive data that you wanted gone, remains on your hard drive and could still be restored.

Jetico is introducing a deeper level of protecting deleted information from unauthorized recovery - BCWipe's Transparent Wiping. When Transparent Wiping is enabled, BCWipe will automatically wipe the contents of any file or folder that is deleted. You can focus on your work and let BCWipe's Transparent Wiping securely erase all traces of your sensitive files so you won't have to worry about it.

Transparent Wiping securely deletes the following sensitive information on the fly:

  • All files and folders that are deleted using normal commands
  • Temporary files deleted by Windows applications and by Windows itself
  • Data stored in Windows Restore Point when the Restore Point is deleted
  • Data stored in Recycle Bin when Empty Recycle Bin is selected
  • Or only specific types of files, folders or applications by configuring include/exclude lists

Transparent Wiping is compatible with Windows Recycle Bin and similar utilities. So after activating Transparent Wiping, your Recycle Bin will continue to work normally - except that now when Empty Recycle Bin is selected, all contents of the Recycle Bin will be permanently erased by BCWipe.

Transparent Wiping can be set to work only for specific files, folders or applications (or file/application patterns) by configuring include and exclude lists.

When Transparent Wiping is activated, the status is displayed by a special icon in the system tray.

BCWipe provides detailed logging of Transparent Wiping. The log output can be configured.

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