After activating Transparent Wiping, if you enabled the option 🗹 Show icon in System tray, a new icon will appear in notification area:

Below are the main functions of the icon:

  1. If you click on the icon - Transparent Wiping panel will be opened.
  2. If you right-click on the icon - the list of commands will appear, including:

    • Transparent Wiping Settings - Opens Transparent Wiping panel
    • View Log File - Opens the log file associated with Transparent Wiping in BCWipe's own Log Viewer utility
    • BCWipe Task Manager - A quick way to access BCWipe Task Manager

  3. If BCWipe temporary folder is becoming large and Transparent Wiping process is currently wiping the folder, the icon will color-indicate the intensity of operation:

You can hide the Transparent Wiping tray icon by clearing the checkbox 🗹 Show icon in System tray in Transparent Wiping panel.