To activate transparent wiping, open BCWipe Task Manager and click Transparent Wiping in the right upper corner of the window. The following panel will appear:

To enable Transparent Wiping, click the toggle at the top of the panel. The following settings are additionally available:

Wiping scheme - select a wiping scheme to be used when Transparent Wiping erases the files;

🗹 Verify last pass - enable an after-wiping verification;

> Exceptions - fine-tune Transparent Wiping by adding a list of exceptions. More on this functionality: Include and Exclude lists;

🗹 Write log  - enables logging for Transparent Wiping. Read more about Transparent Wiping-specific logs here: Transparent Wiping logging;

View log -Opens the log file associated with Transparent Wiping in BCWipe's own Log Viewer utility;

🗹 Show icon in System tray - adds an icon to Windows notification area (system tray) with quick-access Transparent Wiping-related commands. Read more about Transparent Wiping icon is System tray here: Transparent Wiping icon in the system tray

The above settings are saved automatically when closing Transparent Wiping panel.

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