Migrate File Containers

Switching from TrueCrypt? Find here simple steps to migrate file containers encrypted by TrueCrypt.

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  1. Download the latest version of BestCrypt package from Jetico official website:
    - BestCrypt for Windows https://www.jetico.com/bcryptSetup.exe
    - BestCrypt for Mac https://www.jetico.com/BestCrypt-2.0.dmg
    - BestCrypt for Linux https://www.jetico.com/linux/installation.html
  2. Install the program on your PC with all add-ons by running bcryptSetup.exe.
  3. Run BestCrypt Control Panel.
  4. Create a new container by selecting 'New' in the 'Container' menu:
    - Define the file name, location, size and encryption properties in the dialog window
    - Enter and confirm the password
    - Follow the instructions on the screen
  5. Copy all data from the mounted TrueCrypt file container to the new BestCrypt container.
  6. To dismount a BestCrypt Container, right-click on the container and select 'Dismount'.

To mount a BestCrypt container, double-click the container in BestCrypt Control Panel or in Explorer.

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