Jetico's Disk Encryption Chosen as Best TrueCrypt Alternative

Looking for a TrueCrypt alternative? Learn why Humana People to People chooses Jetico's disk encryption.

BestCrypt Volume Encryption Simply the Best TrueCrypt Alternative for Windows

For years, the protection of Humana People to People data was in TrueCrypt’s hands. But the discontinuation of the popular open-source encryption solution resulted in:

  • Questionable protection of existing computers encrypted by TrueCrypt
  • No protection against new and upcoming security threats
  • No protection for the increasing amount of Windows 8 and 10 computers

With Jetico's disk encryption software - BestCrypt Volume Encryption - Humana People to People has now successfully:

  • Replaced TrueCrypt without impacting on workflow
  • Deployed disk encryption on Windows 8 and 10 computers
  • Complied with privacy laws
  • Protected sensitive data for a complete peace of mind
  • Found the 'Best TrueCrypt alternative for Windows'

BestCrypt fulfilled our technical requirements, plus it turned out to be even easier than TrueCrypt! Unlike similar companies, Jetico’s response to our needs was immediate and extremely positive. 
Thanks to Jetico, all our computers are now protected from unwanted eyes.

- Jesper Wohlert, Director of European Partnerships,
Humana People to People

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