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Encrypt System & Boot Volumes Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac


Encrypts the volume from which operating system (OS) boots from, as well as the volume where OS stores system files. Check out the 5 benefits of using volume encryption vs. disk encryption.

Pre-Boot Authentication Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

User authentication before operating system loads is required when OS System/Boot volume is encrypted. 

Encrypt disks and endpoints with BestCrypt Volume Encryption

Strong Encryption Algorithms Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac

BestCrypt Volume Encryption utilizes strong encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent and Twofish). Every algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm's specification, all available with the most secure XTS encryption mode (learn more). 

Two-Factor Authentication Feature for Windows

Extra-layer security added to password protection with support for Yubikey and SafeNet eToken hardware tokens, as well as regular removable disks for secure hardware storage of encryption keys. 

Self-efficient encrypted USB Feature for Windows 

Create encrypted removable drives that can be later accessed with your password from another computer where BestCrypt Volume Encryption is not necessarily installed. 

Scalable disk encryption Feature for Windows

Choose to encrypt entire computer, selected disk volumes or a single volume - whether entirely, or just the disk space taken by files. 

Single Sign-On Feature for Windows 

Save time by automatically logging in to Windows with your encryption password. 

Secure Hibernation Feature for Windows 

To protect your computer when left unattended BestCrypt Volume Encryption automatically locks it during hibernation, encrypts contents of the hibernation file and requires authentication on wake-up.

Support for UEFI Secure Boot  Feature for Windows 

Protects your password and encryption keys from being intercepted (e.g. with an Evil Made Attack) by checking digital signature of all modules responsible for booting encrypted computer. 

Support for Trusted Computing (TPM) Feature for Windows 

Configure Unattended Mount at Restart to store encryption keys securely inside a Trusted Platform Module allowing to reboot without authentication. Useful for updating encrypted servers, remote management or sending encrypted computers to a service. 

Transparent Operation Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac 

BestCrypt Volume Encryption does not interrupt with your workflow. You can continue using your computer while encryption is in progress. You can also pause the encryption process and resume it later. 

Rescue Functions to Decrypt Volumes in Emergency Case Feature for WindowsFeature for Mac 

  • Bootable CD/DVD 
  • Bootable USB
  • Rescue decryption of non-system volumes with Rescue File 
  • Windows bootable Live CD 


New Features in Version 4 for Windows

Enhancements in the security level of the software

  • Camellia encryption algorithm with 256-bit key added
  • Scrypt algorithm to derive key from password utilized to replace previous password-to-key procedure
  • Zxcvbn algorithm to estimate strength of password added
    When choosing your password to encrypt data, a dialog window will show a progress indicator and text description of the password strength (Bad, Weak, Good, Great). By utilizing the strong encryption algorithms in BestCrypt, the only possible weak point for attack is guessing your password. With Zxcvbn algorithm and a clear illustration of password strength, this kind of brute force attack is much more difficult to achieve - further ensuring your privacy against probable threats.


Two-Factor Authentication when encryption key is stored remotely on removable hardware

  • Added support for Yubikey token devices
  • Added support for SafeNet eToken devices on UEFI computers
  • Key management procedures unified for all types of removable key storages: USB disks, eToken, Yubikey devices


Single Sign-On functionality

When the option is set, the user enters his/her Windows credentials once and then only enters the boot time password every time the computer reboots. After that, the user will be automatically logged in without the need to enter Windows password. This removes the need to type passwords twice (learn more).

Faster initial encryption

Normally the software encrypts all sectors on a disk volume when the user decides to encrypt the volume. The process may require many hours for large disks. Previous versions allowed the process to run quickly for new, unformatted disk volumes, because only filesystem tables had to be encrypted in this case. This quick process is possible only for empty volumes, devoid of user data. New in version 4 is an option to encrypt volumes with the user data so that only sectors storing the data will be encrypted. If 2 TByte volume stores only 20 GB of data, then only 20 GB will be initially encrypted with this option. Please be sure to fully consider the relevant security precautions before using the option.


BestCrypt Volume Encryption simplified user interface

Enhancements in user interface

  • Simple User Interface for beginners; classic Advanced User Interface is also available (learn more)
  • System tray icon can be turned on to quickly observe status of disk volumes and mount/dismount them (learn more)
  • Hot keys can be configured to run some frequently used operations easily (learn more)
  • Program menu has been restructured for better navigation and understanding
  • Dialogs, icons and toolbar have been modified for better user experience


Automatic Update Utility

The software now can be updated automatically according to the schedule configured by the user (learn more).

Encryption of group of disk volumes

Earlier versions of the software could encrypt a single disk volume at once. Users had to wait until initial encryption of one volume is complete before starting encryption of the next volume. Version 4 allows users to run the initial encryption process for all volumes (or a selected group of volumes) in a single operation (learn more).

Traveller Mode Disk

The program now allows creating a USB flash disk, that contains both the Traveller Files and the encrypted data. As a result, it can be mounted on a system where BestCrypt Volume Encryption is not installed, without any additional efforts (learn more).


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Alternative languages (only for Windows)

Jetico is only responsible for the English language version. Yet many of our users have kindly contributed translations of the software so it appears in their native language. Jetico appreciates our open global community of dedicated users and enables the distribution of these user-contributed translations:


If you would like to translate BestCrypt Volume Encryption client software into your native language, contact Jetico Technical Support.

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