Benefits & Advantages

HIPAA compliance to avoid costly penalties

BestCrypt Base is designed to offer strong encryption while providing peace of mind to anyone concerned with HIPAA compliance. Failure to comply may result in penalties (severe fines, jail), damaged reputation, lost customers, legal fees and other costs.

Easy and transparent for users - Startup / Shutdown same as always

By running transparently in your office, your staff continues working naturally without the need to learn additional computer skills.

Remote Key Storage, as strongly recommended by HHS

As per guidance issued by Health and Human Services (HHS), "To avoid a breach of the confidential process or key, these decryption tools should be stored on a device or at a location separate from the data they are used to encrypt or decrypt."¹

Convenient, affordable solution

BestCrypt Base Key Server runs on an inexpensive disk-less server (under $50) with low system requirements.

Flexibility with adjustable security settings (fixed desktops, servers, moveable laptops)

Admins can select or adjust a desired level of security with a simple click: computers and removable drives can be office-based use only (desktops, servers) or permitted to be brought off network (moveable laptops).

Minimal administration required

Despite its technical strength, BestCrypt Base is still very basic thanks to a simple management console (access control, key back-ups).

Peace of mind from data protection in case of theft or loss

BestCrypt Base utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in XTS encryption mode with 256-bit key. Developed by The National Institute of Standards and Technology, AES is the standard encryption technique for both government and commercial use.
 ¹ U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Guidance to Render Unsecured Protected Health Information Unusable, Unreadable, or Indecipherable to Unauthorized Individuals, [Online], Available:… [14 Feb 2014].