What's New in v.2

Encryption policy distribution for removable drives

BestCrypt Base v.2 allows administrators to distribute encryption policies for removable storage devices. Encrypted USB drives can be set according to user need:

  • Office-based use only
  • Permitted to be brought off network

Automatic encryption of removable drives

By setting the encryption policy to be 'office-based use only', no passwords are needed and removable drives are automatically mounted and accessible once plugged in.

Protection against malware injection

Unencrypted removable drives can be blocked from all read/write access; unencrypted drives potentially containing malware cannot be read, preventing infection of the client computer.

Full support for UEFI-based computers

Jetico disk encryption is fully compatible with the latest UEFI-based computers from all known major brands.

Enhanced reporting system

Administrators can gather complete, updated information on the status of each client computer, including key server settings.

Overall performance boost

30% speed increase compared to version 1.0, from updated driver.