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HIPAA Encryption Compliance

The transition from paper to electronic records, as well as increased regulatory pressure, have revolutionized the Healthcare industry with a new challenge: guaranteeing privacy and security of patient data.

Hipaa encryption safeguards the confidentiality of all your sensitive information by protecting data at the source--where it is stored, while addressing the risks of data breaches from lost or stolen computers containing electronic protected health information (ePHI):

  • Patient health records: medical reports, lab and clinical data
  • Personal patient data: social security, home address, email and phone
  • Financial information: billing and insurance-related data

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Hipaa data encryption from BestCrypt Base - If any computers or removable drives are lost, don’t worry

Built on Jetico’s superior whole disk encryption, BestCrypt Base provides an ideal solution for any cover entities that need to:

  • Protect patient data for HIPAA Compliance
  • Overcome pains related to using encryption
  • Physically separate encryption keys
    from stored patient data,
    as strongly recommended by HHS

Developed on needs learned from the U.S. Healthcare market, BestCrypt Base has been designed to prevent unintended data breaches from lost computers or removable drives while maintaining normal user behavior and productivity as much as possible.

Reliable HIPAA compliant encryption software - encryption keys
physically separated from patient data

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