Jetico Brings Home Users a More Accessible Solution to Wipe Files

9 Mar 2023

The Standard Version of BCWipe Will Now Be Known as BCWipe – Home

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BCWipe is switching to BCWipe – Home in March 2023. From that date forwards, users of the standard version of BCWipe will instead have access to BCWipe – Home. Below, we’ll take a look at the features of the software. 

Please note that BCWipe – Enterprise will be unaffected by these changes. 

What Will This Mean for BCWipe Users?

As is implied in the name, BCWipe – Home is tailored towards home users of Jetico’s BCWipe software. This rebranding of BCWipe will provide home users with a more accessible version of our solution for wiping files beyond forensic recovery, with the new version of the software being more streamlined and easier to navigate. Moving forward, more features will be added to further improve the experience for home users.

BCWipe – Home will feature new customized wiping schemes for both hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs), making it easier for users to locate the wiping schemes they need. 

BCWipe – Home will also include BCWipe Privacy Guard, Jetico’s tool for protecting users from Windows 10 and 11’s default tracking settings. Not only can BCWipe Privacy Guard be utilized to disable Microsoft’s tracking settings in one click, users can also apply Jetico’s recommended settings to optimize their privacy setup. 

BCWipe – Home Features

BCWipe – Home includes the following commands and tools:


  • Delete with Wiping to erase files beyond forensic recovery 
  • Wipe Free Space to remove Data Remanence 
  • Wipe Browser History to remove online activity data
  • Wipe User Activity from your system
  • Wipe Swap File to remove data from the Windows system file used for virtual memory support
  • Swap File Encryption to encrypt the Windows swap file
  • Wipe File Slack to clear previously deleted data
  • Wipe MFT Records & Directory Entries to remove records related to deleted files      
  • Wipe Directory Slack Space on NTFS Drives that contains names of files and subdirectories
  • Wipe Temporary Data Stored in NTFS Log File      
  • Wipe Compressed or Encrypted Files that cannot be wiped by regular means


  • BCWipe Task Manager to set scheduled wiping tasks
  • Log File Viewer to display the log file in a readable way
  • Disk-Level Verification to run advanced verification of the wiping process
  • Reserved Space Manager to preserve wiped free space in a clean state to save time
  • Hexadecimal File Viewer to examine file contents after wiping
  • Transparent Wiping to automatically remove deleted or temp files on the fly  

Learn More About BCWipe – Home

For more information on BCWipe – Home, please check our FAQs

Want to get started with BCWipe? Review the user guide or get in touch.

BCWipe – Enterprise

Want to switch to BCWipe – Enterprise? Don’t hesitate to contact us

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