Wiping is the term used to describe the process of securely erasing data, such as the contents of a file or disk space. When files are properly wiped, data is erased beyond forensic recovery.


When you remove files from your computer by regular means, the operating system does not erase the contents of the files from your hard drive. Instead, only the ‘references’, or links, to the files are removed. The sensitive data that you intended to erase will remain intact on your hard drive and can easily be restored with widely available data recovery tools. This is why wiping data beyond forensic recovery is essential.


With Jetico’s BCWipe data wiping software, you can be fully confident that your deleted files are securely erased beyond forensic recovery. You can easily run wiping commands from Windows Explorer, BCWipe Task Manager, or a command-line prompt. By using BCWipe’s Transparent Wiping feature, you can also set all wiping operations to run automatically.


Jetico has pioneered a higher level of protecting data from unauthorized recovery with BCWipe’s Transparent Wiping feature. When Transparent Wiping is activated, BCWipe will automatically erase the contents of any deleted file beyond forensic recovery. This means you no longer have to worry about securely wiping all traces of every sensitive file you have been work on, as BCWipe’s Transparent Wiping will always be there to take care of it.


BCWipe's Reserved Space functionality significantly cuts the time needed to wipe free space by preserving previously wiped space in a clean state. Once the Reserved Space is created, BCWipe will recognize it the next time the Wipe Free Space process is running. Since the wiped data in Reserved Space is considered to be occupied, it will not get used or ‘dirty’, which means that space does not need to be wiped. Less space to wipe results in less time spent on this process.


BCWipe ensures there is always sufficient free space available to use by automatically monitoring and maintaining the threshold set by the user.

Another feature of BCWipe is Enforcer, which centralizes control of data wiping. IT administrators can surgically remove all traces of selected data on any drive in their network. With Enforcer, an administrator can run BCWipe as a system service in Windows to perform wiping tasks remotely without end-user intervention. Used with the Jetico Central Manager utility, BCWipe Enforcer allows enterprises to remotely install BCWipe across all workstations and centrally manage data wiping policies in real time. BCWipe Enforcer is also compatible with system management software, such as Microsoft SMS and LANDesk.

NOTE: BCWipe Enforcer feature and the Jetico Central Manager utility are only available in BCWipe Enterprise Edition. See

documentation for Jetico Central Manager for more details.

BCWipe is a powerful, military grade data wiping tool that utilizes U.S. DoD 5220.22-M, DoE M 205.1-2, and German VSITR standards, as well as many other standards and schemes. BCWipe also allows users to create and use their own custom wiping schemes.


BCWipe is designed to surgically delete specific data files without harming the hard drive. To erase the entire content of hard drives, including boot records and operating system files, see BCWipe Total WipeOut.


To protect your data at rest, Jetico also offers BestCrypt software for secure encryption that’s easy to use wherever you store sensitive data. BestCrypt offers robust algorithms and supports all major operating systems. You can also keep any form of data (files, documents, pictures, databases) in encrypted form on the hard disk, network disks, CDs/DVDs, and even floppies. BestCrypt provides on-the-fly data encryption for transparent encryption/decryption operations. Nobody can read the data unless they have the right password or keys. So, if your computer ever gets lost or stolen, you can be certain that your personal information is secure and cannot be obtained by a third party.  Learn more about BestCrypt here: Data Encryption solutions by Jetico

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