BCWipe v7 introduces the following new features:

  • Review computer status in one glance to improve system performance and privacy

    Drives – Review used space and estimate the amount of space freed by cleaning browser history and user activity.
    Browser history – View all installed web browsers, including files that potentially store traces of online user activity.
    User activity – Check system and application locations with traces of information – cleaning up helps boost computer speed and protects your privacy.

  • Run common wiping tasks in one click

    New controls allow users to wipe data instantly. Options for running tasks:

    • Default settings based on Jetico recommendations – ideal for beginners
    • Fine-tuned in 'Advanced mode' for more specific needs – optimal for professionals

  • Use all-in-one wiping tasks for thorough clean-up that saves time

    Users can now combine all or multiple BCWipe tasks – securely erase selected files, clean browser history, wipe user activity and wipe free space – into a single command.

  • Quickly review settings or follow real-time progress in enhanced 'View mode'

    BCWipe’s revamped 'View mode' offers a convenient way to check settings, estimate time and display real-time progress for ongoing tasks. When updates are required, the editing mode is only one click away.

  • Access and review 'Transparent Wiping' and 'CryptoSwap' for ongoing privacy

    BCWipe’s unique Transparent Wiping (automatically wipe files on the fly) and CryptoSwap (encrypt swap file content) are both actively running in the background to keep your computer clean from traces of unwanted data. The new interface provides quick access to customize these features and instant status review with color indications (green/red = on/off).

See the full list of features: Main functions and tools of the BCWipe system