Bruce Schneier on Encryption: "I Do Recommend BestCrypt, I Trust Them."

17 Jun 2015

Reported by The Intercept:
Considering Schneier has been outspoken for decades about the importance of open source cryptography, I asked if he recommends that other people use BestCrypt, even though it’s proprietary. "I do recommend BestCrypt," Schneier told me, "because I have met people at the company and I have a good feeling about them. Of course I don’t know for sure; this business is all about trust. But right now, given what I know, I trust them."
And unlike TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt or CipherShed, BestCrypt has great support for modern Windows computers: It supports the newest versions of Windows, Microsoft-sanctioned security checks at boot time, and modern hard-drive formats.¹

3 Reasons to Trust Jetico

  • No 'Backdoors'
    As formally stated, Jetico software has never included any 'backdoors' or related weakness.
  • Source Code Integrity
    We published BestCrypt Development Kit (BDK), a package for customization and analysis, including source codes of our encryption and key generation modules for open evaluation.
  • Established Reputation
    Since 1995, Jetico has been reliably serving your data protection needs. Founded in Finland, the privacy of our users is protected by Finnish laws.


¹ Lee, M. [04 Jun 2015], The Intercept, MICROSOFT GIVES DETAILS ABOUT ITS CONTROVERSIAL DISK ENCRYPTION [Online], Available: [16 Jun 2015].

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