Bruce Schneier on Encryption: "I Do Recommend BestCrypt, I Trust Them."

17 Jun 2015

Reported by The Intercept:
Considering Schneier has been outspoken for decades about the importance of open source cryptography, I asked if he recommends that other people use BestCrypt, even though it’s proprietary. "I do recommend BestCrypt," Schneier told me, "because I have met people at the company and I have a good feeling about them. Of course I don’t know for sure; this business is all about trust. But right now, given what I know, I trust them."
And unlike TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt or CipherShed, BestCrypt has great support for modern Windows computers: It supports the newest versions of Windows, Microsoft-sanctioned security checks at boot time, and modern hard-drive formats.¹

3 Reasons to Trust Jetico

  • No 'Backdoors'
    As formally stated, Jetico software has never included any 'backdoors' or related weakness.
  • Source Code Integrity
    We published BestCrypt Development Kit (BDK), a package for customization and analysis, including source codes of our encryption and key generation modules for open evaluation.
  • Established Reputation
    Since 1995, Jetico has been reliably serving your data protection needs. Founded in Finland, the privacy of our users is protected by Finnish laws.

Are You Ready for BestCrypt?

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¹ Lee, M. [04 Jun 2015], The Intercept, MICROSOFT GIVES DETAILS ABOUT ITS CONTROVERSIAL DISK ENCRYPTION [Online], Available: [16 Jun 2015].

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