No Backdoors

This content can be helpful to evaluate BestCrypt security or to develop your own customized BestCrypt modules.

BestCrypt Development Kit

Since back in 2013, we have formally stated that BestCrypt has never included any backdoors or related weakness to the software, as well as publishing our source code for all encryption modules (BestCrypt Development Kit).

BestCrypt Development Kit (BDK) is a package of documentation and source codes for security analysts and third-party developers to:

  • Understand BestCrypt software architecture
  • Create plug-ins for BestCrypt (Encryption Algorithms or User Authentication modules)
  • Evaluate security level of the software (absence of 'backdoors' or potential weaknesses in the software)
  • Enhance existing security modules

BDK includes:

  • General architecture of the system
  • Functionality of BestCrypt Container Encryption modules
  • Functionality of security modules
  • Interfaces of security modules
  • Source codes of Encryption and Key Generation modules
  • Guide to write your own extension for BestCrypt Container Encryption
  • Guide to add or remove security modules

BDK contains source codes of version 8 of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows.

Download BestCrypt Development Kit