BestCrypt Volume Encryption v.4 - Beta Out Now

15 Mar 2018

Jetico's Disk Encryption Is Now Faster Than Ever & Including Single Sign-On for Better User Experience

What’s New

  • Reduced encryption time
    - Faster than ever initial encryption by working only on used disk space
    - Run initial encryption process for a group of disk volumes in just one click
  • Enhanced usability
    - One password less to remember with Single Sign-On functionality
    - Never miss a thing with Auto-Update feature
    - Temporarily remove boot-time password for unattended reboots; now supports UEFI computers
    - Configure hotkeys to run frequent operations with ease
  • Improved security
    - Rely on new encryption algorithms: Camellia and Scrypt
    - Ensure secure passwords with strength-o-meter
    - Add security layer with Two-Factor Authentication; now includes support for Yubikey as well as SafeNet eToken on UEFI computers
  • Improved user interface
    - Review encryption status, including mounted/dismounted volumes, in just one glance
    - Navigate faster with restructured menu
    - Redesigned dialogs, icons and toolbar for better user experience
  • Ongoing support for older versions of Windows
    - Maintain computers running Windows XP SP3 and later, as well as earlier generations with MBR boot process

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