New Features in Version 4

The following new functionality and features are available in BestCrypt Volume Encryption version 4:

1. Enhancements in the security level of the software:

2. Two-Factor Authentication when encryption key is stored remotely on removable hardware:

3. Single Sign-On functionality. When the option is set, the user enters his/her Windows credentials once and then only enters the boot time password every time the computer reboots. After that, the user will be automatically logged in without the need to enter Windows password. This removes the need to type passwords twice.

4. Faster initial encryption. Normally the software encrypts all sectors on a disk volume when the user decides to encrypt the volume. The process may require many hours for large disks. Previous versions allowed the process to run quickly for new, unformatted disk volumes, because only filesystem tables had to be encrypted in this case. This quick process is possible only for empty volumes, devoid of user data. New in version 4 is an option to encrypt volumes with the user data so that only sectors storing the data will be encrypted. If 2 TByte volume stores only 20 GB of data, then only 20 GB will be initially encrypted with this option. Please be sure to fully consider the relevant security precautions before using the option.

5. Automatic Update Utility. The software now can be updated automatically according to the schedule configured by the user.

6. Secure unattended reboot is now supported on UEFI computers. BestCrypt Volume Encryption utilizes Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware available on many motherboards for the purpose of unattended reboot of computers with encrypted boot/system disk volumes. This feature is necessary to manage servers that are required to function around the clock. If such a server has an encrypted boot/system volume, every reboot of the server requires manual password entry at boot time. With this feature, a server administrator can choose an interval of time when BestCrypt Volume Encryption (with help of TPM) should support unattended reboot of the server.

7. Encryption of group of disk volumes. Earlier versions of the software could encrypt a single disk volume at once. The user had to wait until initial encryption of first volume ended and then start encrypting next volume. Version 4 allows users to run the initial encryption process for all volumes (or a selected group of volumes) in a single operation.

8. Traveller Mode Disk. The program now allows creating a USB flash disk, that contains both the Traveller Files and the encrypted data. As a result, it can be mounted on a system where BestCrypt Volume Encryption is not installed, without any additional efforts.

9. Enhancements in the user interface:

10. Support of earlier version of Windows and older hardware.

Together with constant improvements to the software to meet the requirements of the latest releases of Windows, we also continue to support older Windows versions (Windows XP SP3 and later) as well as earlier generation of computers with MBR boot process. We gladly continue to offer this feature set thanks to the requests and support of our loyal users.

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