BestCrypt Volume Encryption 5 – Beta Out Now

1 Jun 2021

New BestCrypt Provides Stronger Protection Against Cyberattacks

Trusted and respected for over 25 years as a pioneer in data encryption, Jetico now adds extra resilience against cyberattacks with the new BestCrypt Volume Encryption. Customers will feel more secure with a variety of enhancements, plus notable improvements to performance and usability.

Features & Benefits

Added resilience against cyberattacks and enhanced security

  • Protection from brute-force attacks — Customize parameters of Scrypt key derivation algorithm for extra security against password-iterating attacks.
  • Manage self-encrypting drives — Enable whole disk encryption on TCG Opal 2.0 storage drives for an extra layer of protection.
  • Two-factor authentication — Boost your security with 2FA for a range of new hardware, including PKCS #15-compliant smart cards and crypto tokens.

Improved performance

  • Faster encryption with added hardware-level acceleration for ARIA and Camellia encryption algorithms.
  • Seamless, on-the-fly encryption with AES implementations optimized for x64 CPU architecture.
  • Performance upgrade for the fastest NVM Express storage devices.

Better usability

  • Customizable graphic themes, international language support and virtual keyboard added to UEFI pre-boot environment.
  • BestCrypt Volume Encryption modules now integrated with Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE), allowing for smooth troubleshooting in Windows without removing encryption.
  • International characters now available for encryption passwords, increasing potential character variety and making password attacks more difficult.

See online User Manual  for more details. 

New Utility — BestCrypt Data Shelter

With the new version of BestCrypt Volume Encryption, beta testers also have the opportunity to try out BestCrypt Data Shelter, a new cybersecurity tool from Jetico. BestCrypt Data Shelter enables you to protect data-in-use by ensuring folders are only accessible to trusted processes and authorized users. By creating protection policies that are unique to your private folders, BestCrypt Data Shelter makes it simple to keep active data safe from harm.

See online User Manual  for more details.

Beta Rewards Program

  • Free license for top 10 user suggestions
  • Coupon code for Jetico’s Online Store
  • Opportunity to influence final product
  • Ongoing updates on Beta status and progress

The Beta Program is now closed. Read the News.

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