BestCrypt DataShelter protects files in selected folders from accessing them by unwanted programs and users. Traditional anti-virus software tries to prevent every suspicious activity in the system by analyzing all the processes and executable files. Such software works automatically, it is intended to protect everything, and the user stays out of its complicated internal analysis.

BestCrypt DataShelter concentrates on protecting a selected user's data when the processes access it. Even a legal process can run on behalf of a wrong user account, so BestCrypt DataShelter also pays attention to the user who accesses the data.

The antivirus is like a hunter who rides through all the surrounding forests in search of wolves, bears, and foxes that can eat his cows, sheep, and chickens. Instead, BestCrypt DataShelter is a shepherd who looks after his farm and does not let predators on his territory. Such a shepherd may decide that of all the animals only horses can enter his farm and then not worry that a new species of predator have appeared in the forests.

Of course, there are also Trojan Horses in the woods that can try to enter the farm. Therefore, BestCrypt DataShelter monitors interactions between processes that can turn an ordinary horse into a Trojan Horse and does not allow such horses to enter its territory.

The user should choose the folders with important data that have to be protected. Then there is a number of means in BestCrypt DataShelter to help in deciding what programs and users should be allowed to access them.

Besides protecting the data in the process, BestCrypt DataShelter helps the user to protect the data in rest. Someone can boot your computer with a removable USB stick with another operating system. In such an environment data on the computer will not be protected by anything except encryption. Of course, only in case if you data is encrypted.

With BestCrypt DataShelter you will see, whether your protected folder is on encrypted disk volume, or not, and if you wish, encrypt it by clicking a single button.

Besides, you can create an encrypted backup archive for the protected folder and automate synchronizing it regularly with the data in the folder.