Jetico Product Release Notes: BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows v.9

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Note: This document is regularly updated and is subject to change without notice. We invite you to share your feedback with us, including reporting issues with our products, via our online contact form.

Minimum System Requirements 

  • 50 MB disk space

Supported Operating Systems 

BestCrypt supports the following operating systems  (including 32-bit, 64-bit and arm64 versions, unless specified otherwise):

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista (x86 only)
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 (incl. R2)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 (x86 only)

For legacy OS including Windows XP, Windows Vista (x64), Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 (x64), use this version:

BestCrypt for legacy OS

Product Updates

21-December-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.9 | Driver v.4.68

  • Fixed an occasional BSOD on systems with VMWare Workstation installed.
  • Fixed the cause of the "Error in updating the driver" message.

21-November-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.8 | Driver v.4.67

  • Updated BCWipe modules.
  • Fixed minor issues

19-October-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.7 | Driver v.4.65

  • Updated BCWipe, Privacy Guard and BCArchive modules

10-October-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.6 | Driver v.4.65

  • Improved compatibility with Yubikey 
  • Fixed minor issues
  • Updated BCWipe modules

30-May-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.4 | Driver v.4.64

  • Updated BCWipe modules

25-May-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.4 | Driver v.4.64

  • Added support for OpenSSH-generated public/secret keys
  • Fixed occasional BSOD when dismounting a group of containers
  • Ready for Windows 11 2022 Update (codename "22H2")

09-March-2023 | Control Panel v.9.08.3 | Driver v.4.63

  • Updated BCWipe modules

27-December-2022 | Control Panel v.9.08.2 | Driver v.4.63

  • Added compatibility with BestCrypt Data Shelter for BestCrypt's folder encryption
  • Fixed occasional system crash when mounting a container located on a network share
  • Ready for Windows 10 2022 Update (codename "22H2")

28-September-2022 | Control Panel v.9.08.1 | Driver v.4.62

  • Ready for Windows 11 2022 Update (codename "22H2")

20-September-2022 | Control Panel v.9.08 | Driver v.4.62

  • Introduced support for using hardware tokens as an authentication method with encrypted containers
  • Introduced built-in Password Strength Meter to help creating stronger encryption passwords

21-July-2022 | Control Panel v.9.07.2 | Driver v.4.62

  • Introduced support for ARM-based devices. 

02-June-2022 | Control Panel v.9.07.1 | Driver v.4.62

  • Updated BCWipe modules
  • Added check for ARM architecture during setup

31-Mar-2022 | Control Panel v.9.07 | Driver v.4.62

  • Updated BestCrypt Volume Encryption modules

09-Feb-2022 | Control Panel v.9.07 | Driver v.4.62

  • Updated to include the newest BCWipe Privacy Guard tool
  • Updated BCWipe modules
  • Fixed error creating a hidden part

02-Dec-2021 | Control Panel v.9.06.1 | Driver v.4.62

  • Updated BestCrypt Volume Encryption and BestCrypt Data Shelter modules

26-Oct-2021 | Control Panel v.9.06.1 | Driver v.4.62

  • Ready for Windows 11
  • Added ability to encrypt files in folders from the right-click menu
  • Added ability to automatically wipe Thumbnail Cache when dismounting BestCrypt containers
  • Fixed minor issues with BestCrypt and BCWipe localizations

28-Sep-2021 | Control Panel v.9.06 | Driver v.4.62

07-Sep-2021 | Control Panel v.9.05.2 | Driver v.4.62

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

20-May-2021 | Control Panel v.9.05.2 | Driver v.4.62

  • Ready for Windows 10’s May 2021 Update (21H1).
  • Fixed occasional driver installation issue.
  • Updated BCWipe modules.

13-April-2021 | Control Panel v.9.05.1 | Driver v.4.60

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

03-March-2021 | Control Panel v.9.05 | Driver v.4.60

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

10-February-2021 | Control Panel v.9.05 | Driver v.4.60

22-December-2020 | Control Panel v.9.04.2 | Driver v.4.60

  • Improved compatibility with PGP public/secret keys.

31-August-2020 | Control Panel v.9.04 | Driver v.4.60

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

18-August-2020 | Control Panel v.9.04 | Driver v.4.60

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

02-April-2020 | Control Panel v.9.04 | Driver v.4.60

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

12-February-2020 | Control Panel v.9.04 | Driver v.4.60

  • Improved performance by optimizing encryption operations and disk I/O in the driver.
  • Fixed occasional BSOD when mounting two containers simultaneously.

06-January-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.22 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Updated BCWipe modules.

24-December-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.22 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Improved 'Registration' procedure.

17-October-2019 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.57 

  • Ready for Windows 10’s November 2019 Update (19H2)

09-September-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.21 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Updated AutoUpdate utility

27-August-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.20 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed error in uninstall procedure.

12-July-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.19 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Improved procedure of public/secret key pair creation in BC Key Manager.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

29-March-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.18 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed compatibility issue with touch keyboard.

07-March-2019 | Control Panel v.9.03.17 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Improved BCAutoUpdate utility.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with on-screen keyboard.

11-December-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.16 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed malfunction in 'Recently Mounted Containers' list.

06-December-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.15 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed minor bugs.

06-November-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.14 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed minor bugs.

19-September-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.12 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Updated to include BestCrypt Volume Encryption v.4.

19-July-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.11 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Redesigned automatic update experience with BestCrypt AutoUpdate utility.
  • Enhanced command line interface options for better compatibility with scripting.
  • Improved process of creating containers now allows running other tasks from BestCrypt Control Panel while in progress.
  • Improved built-in detection mechanism for file-system specific limitations.
  • Fixed minor bugs in Setup utility.

22-May-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.10 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed occasional crash in hiber_bcfnt.sys driver when hibernating after program installation.
  • Fixed problem when BestCrypt prevented Windows 10 upgrading to build 1803 on some computers.

24-April-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.9 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed occasional blue screen error caused by 'fsh' driver.
  • Fixed minor bug in container creation operation.

15-February-2018 | Control Panel v.9.03.8 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed occasional error in 'Anti-Keylogger'.

13-December-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.7 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed error in mounting container when passing keyfiles via command line.

14-November-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.6 | Driver v.4.57 

  • Fixed error in simultaneous mounting of a dozen of containers.

10-October-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.5 | Driver v.4.56 

  • Added Camellia encryption algorithm.
  • Improved benchmark utility.

20-July-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.4 | Driver v.4.56 

  • Added support for transparent Windows 10 Feature Updates installation (including Windows 10 Creators Update) and upgrading to Windows 10 with system / boot volumes encrypted.

31-May-2017 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.56 

  • Updated all product translations.

10-April-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.2 | Driver v.4.56 

  • Automated procedure to format virtual disks during container creation.
  • Updated the procedure of creating containers via command line for better compatibility with batch processing.
  • Improved user interface for managing anti-keylogger.
  • Fixed minor bug.

29-September-2016 | Control Panel v.9.03.1 | Driver v.4.56 

  • Fixed minor bug.

21-September-2016 | Control Panel v.9.03 | Driver v.4.56 

  • Kernel mode drivers digitally signed by Microsoft for compatibility with Windows 10 version 1607, also known as the Anniversary Update.
  • Fixed error in creating large (2TB+) containers on Windows 10.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

22-August-2016 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.54 

  • Fixed minor bug in 'Public Key Manager' utility.

12-August-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.11 | Driver v.4.54 

  • Fixed error in generating public/secret key pair.
  • Fixed error in loading BCResident process on Windows XP.

23-June-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.10 | Driver v.4.54 

  • Improved 'Dismount at TimeOut' function.
  • Added ability to create containers via Command Line.
  • Added ability to merge container files with video files in mp4 format.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

29-February-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.9 | Driver v.4.54 

  • Fixed compatibility issue with Dell Data Protection software.

13-January-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.8 | Driver v.4.53 

  • Fixed minor bugs.

11-December-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.7 | Driver v.4.53 

  • Fixed compatibility issue with PGP keys.

02-December-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.6 | Driver v.4.53 

  • Fixed minor bug in 'BestCrypt Key Manager' utility.

25-November-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.5 | Driver v.4.53 

  • Updated 'BestCrypt Key Manager' utility to comply with the latest key standards.
  • Fixed error in mounting containers stored on DFS shared folder.
  • Fixed error in dismounting containers mounted as subfolder.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

29-September-2015 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.51 

  • Fixed minor bugs.

06-July-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.2 | Driver v.4.51 

  • Enterprise Edition: Fixed error in setting administrator password for BestCrypt containers.

16-June-2015 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.51 

  • Updated for compatibility with Jetico Central Manager v.2.5.

13-May-2015 | Control Panel v9.02.1 | Driver v.4.51 

  • Key files may be now added to your password for better security.
  • Added Skein-512 hash algorithm.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with ESET antivirus software when mounting a container.
  • Improved compatibility with MS Surface Pro devices.

07-January-2015 | Control Panel v9.01.2 | Driver v.4.50 

  • Fixed minor bugs.

17-December-2014 | Control Panel v9.01.1 | Driver v.4.50 
Commercial version 9.01 of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows released. 

  1. Added support for containers larger than 2 TB
  2. Added capability to instantly create and access containers
  3. Added support for Dynamic Containers featuring Smart Free Space Monitoring
  4. Optimized major driver performance
  5. Implemented AES encryption algorithm for hardware acceleration
  6. Added Whirlpool, SHA-2 and SHA-3 hash algorithms
  7. Improved key stretching
  8. Improved GUI
  9. Added support for Windows 10 Technical Preview

17-November-2014 | BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows v.9.00.1 Beta | Driver v.4.50 
Beta version of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows v.9 announced.