Data Encryption

Download Jetico's latest data encryption software.  The free trial license will function for 21 days from the date of installation. After purchasing the software, we will email you a license file to enter in the registration area in the Help Menu.
Encrypt files

BestCrypt Container Encryption for Mac: Encrypt Files

Store selected files/folders in encrypted containers
Available for Windows, Mac & Linux
Include full version of BCWipe to wipe files
10.18 MB
32/64 bit
Mac OS X 10.7+
Encrypt harddrives

BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Mac: Encrypt Hard Drives

Transparently encrypt all data on fixed or removable storage
Only independent alternative to native disk encryption
Create encrypted USB drives to use on Macs & Windows PCs
7.42 MB
64 bit
macOS X v.10.9 or later

To download your encryption software, select the correct operating system and then the desired solution: BestCrypt Container Encryption to encrypt files or BestCrypt Volume Encryption to encrypt hard drives. To download both encryption tools with a single installation, visit Endpoint Data Protection.