How to Take Back Your Privacy in the Cloud with File Encryption Software

31 Jan 2017 | Michael Waksman

If you’ve ever touched a computer, chances are that by now, you’ve used the cloud for storing files. It’s not just IT pros like me that are relying on the cloud — kids and grandmas alike know all about it. Sadly, this awareness also includes data breaches and millions of your passwords and files being opened to the public.

The bottom line? Whether you’re an IT professional, the owner of a coffee shop or a grandma, secure encrypted cloud storage is of paramount importance if you plan to share sensitive files.

Why is the cloud vulnerable?
Most cloud storage providers use some kind of encryption. You can check their Terms of Service to learn more.

Yet as it turned out with some popular tools — such as Dropbox and iCloud — despite their encryption, hackers still found ways to get access to your files with your online password. The best way to protect against this kind of theft is to have your own 'keys' to your files and take back control of your privacy with file encryption software.

Online passwords vs. your own 'keys' — What’s the difference?
Imagine you don’t own the keys to your house. Whenever you want to enter your house, you have to submit a request from whoever owns them. They don’t ever hand you the keys, but instead unlock the door for you and also lock it when you leave. Where do they keep your keys? What do they do with your keys while you’re away? How do they know it’s really you asking for the keys? What if the keys get stolen or made available to the public?

This idea is not so far-fetched. The landscape of cloud storage and online passwords looks just like this. Do you want secure your private files beyond online passwords? Take back your 'keys' and add file encryption software!

Cloud storage before & after file encryption — How does it work?
First, why is all this encryption so important? Relying on file encryption software allows you to:

  • Control what others can and cannot see
  • Create added layers of privacy protection beyond vulnerable online passwords
Illustration of cloud storage view and protection layers

Ok, I want to encrypt files for cloud storage — What’s next?
There are many file encryption software options on the market. A quick search will prove it. But these abundant choices can lead to confusion… 'Which tool should I select?'. Here are 3 easy questions to help you define your needs:

  • How many encryption passwords do you need to remember?
    When you are active online, there are 2 common methods for encrypting files — locking down each individual file one-by-one or storing many files in encrypted containers or folders. The first requires superhuman memory skills — a unique password for each of your files; the second is much easier on the brain, requiring just one password per container or folder.
  • Who you gonna call?
    "If there's something weird
    And it don't look good
    Who you gonna call?"
    Whether you’re an IT admin, a lawyer or a home user, software comes with 'ghoulish mysteries'. Contacting professional tech support is always a plus — from friendly advice when setting up your tool to professional support in case of 'paranormal activity'.
  • For free, or not for free? That is the question
    True, some encryption tools are available for free. Yet the cost is quite minimal for a reliable commercial solution including professional tech support — from 15 to 30 cents a day.

Take back your 'keys' by using a solution you trust
I understand — encryption keys may raise concerns about trust. Even if secure encrypted cloud storage tools are designed to not store 'keys', they have the capability to build in a 'backdoor' — just what it sounds like, a way for unauthorized people to sneak in and access your files without your permission.

To ensure your encryption provider is not fooling you, one way is to inspect their source code. If you haven't a clue about source codes, no worries… Look for an official statement from the company about backdoors, or simply contact them to learn more about their policy.

BestCrypt Container Encryption for Files & Folders by Jetico

Jetico provides pure and simple file encryption software for National Security, Compliance and Personal Privacy. To protect stored data, Jetico's BestCrypt delivers an encryption solution with no backdoors (check the source code), that works seamlessly on encrypted files and folders. BestCrypt Container Encryption users can also rely on professional technical support.
For people accessing encrypted files on the go from different devices and operating systems, BestCrypt offers cross-platform capability on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This ability is extended by BestCrypt Traveller, which allows users to access their data even where BestCrypt Container Encryption is not installed.

Get started now with a free trial 
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Michael Waksman

Michael Waksman has been serving as CEO of Jetico since 2011, more than doubling the size of the company during his tenure. He brings more than 20 years of communications, technology and leadership experience.

At Jetico, Waksman has lead creation of the corporate identity, raising global brand awareness, building a more commercially-driven team and initiating enterprise customer relations. Jetico has maintained a wide user base throughout the U.S. Defense community, in the global compliance market and for personal privacy.

Waksman served as vice-chairman of the Cyber Group for the Association of Finnish Defense and Aerospace Industries. Recognized as a security and privacy advocate, he is a frequent speaker at international events, occasionally on behalf of the Finnish cyber security industry. In 2012, Waksman was honored with The Security Network's Chairman's Award for fostering collaboration between the United States and Finland. As dual citizen, he is a native New Yorker and has been living in the Helsinki region for over 15 years.

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