Securely Erase Hard Drives and Centralize Wiping Tasks

BCWipe Total WipeOut Leads to More Donated Hard Drives

Trusted by companies and organizations of all sizes, BCWipe Total WipeOut - Enterprise Edition is a data erasure utility to... 

  • Securely wipe hard drives 
  • Manage all wiping tasks from one location 
  • Generate wiping logs for certification purposes

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Angestöpselt Company LogoAngestöpselt e.V. is a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged people with donated and repaired computers.  

Previously using an open-source data wiping tool, Angestöpselt were not able to offer certificates to their clients that proved donated computers had been successfully sanitized. BCWipe Total WipeOut – Enterprise Edition has helped Angestöpselt...  

  • Receive more donated hard drives (+20%)
    Providing clients with proof of successful disk sanitization has enabled Angestöpselt to gain additional donations from organizations that process sensitive data. Since the NGO started to use BCWipe Total WipeOut, Angestöpselt has received more than 600 donated laptops.  
  • Save time by centrally managing data wiping tasks (+15%)
    By using BCWipe Total WipeOut – Enterprise Edition, Angestöpselt has been able to centralize all data wiping tasks and manage them remotely from a single interface. BCWipe’s central management features have also allowed Angestöpselt to save time by giving administrators the option to erase multiple hard drives at the same time.
  • Wipe any type of hard drive 
    No matter whether Angestöpselt receives laptops with hard disk drives or solid-state drives (SSDs) from donors, the NGO can use BCWipe Total WipeOut to successfully sanitize the media.

"It was clear from the beginning that we would only donate computers with securely erased hard disks. With Jetico’s BCWipe, we now have a solution that meets all our requirements."
- Matthias Hemmerich, Board Member, Angestöpselt e.V.  

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