Jetico's Disk Encryption Software Selected to Meet URAC's HIPAA Standards

Mitigate risks and costs of data breaches with Jetico's HIPAA compliant encryption software.

With recently tightened standards for PHI meant encryption for HIPAA compliance became an urgent priority.

  • Needed HIPAA compliance for URAC accreditation
  • Over 5000 records of protected health information (PHI)
  • Lacked encryption on computers and laptops
  • Time pressure to meet requirements within 2 months 

In addition to delivering a HIPAA compliant encryption software for URAC Accreditation, Jetico’s disk encryption software has helped IRMAT Pharmacy to successfully:

  • Mitigate risks and costs of potential data breaches
    With BestCrypt, IRMAT is gaining more than just URAC accreditation; they’re also safeguarding their customers’ PHI from potential threats, as well as their own risk and cost from HIPAA audits.
  • Reduce downtime to meet their 2-month deadline 
    A fast and smooth deployment allowed IRMAT Pharmacy to meet the strict deadline without overloading their compliance team.
  • Find a comprehensive enterprise-class encryption solution
    By featuring central management controls for key management and password recovery, BestCrypt Volume Encryption enables IRMAT’s compliance team to access encrypted laptops or recover passwords in case of emergency.

"With a relatively small price tag and a fast deployment, BestCrypt is an absolute necessity for mitigating the risks and costs of potential data breaches."

- Christopher O’Keefe, COO, IRMAT Pharmacy

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