Techwok Praises BestCrypt and BCWipe

25 May 2023 logo

Techwok, a valuable resource for security tips, has reviewed and praised BestCrypt and BCWipe as one of the best encryption and wiping solutions out there.

BestCrypt Container Encryption

"BestCrypt is one of the best tools for encrypting your files and folders.
Your data stored in containers is completely secure thanks to strong and configurable encryption. Used wisely, it can even provide end-to-end encryption for sensitive documents and images on your favorite cloud storages."
– Laszlo Nakovics,

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"BCWipe is the perfect tool if you want to securely and permanently delete sensitive documents,
images and other files. It supports robust file erasure procedures such as DoD 5220.22-M or NIST SP 800-88, and can be used on any type of storage device. It's not a cheap solution, but if it is important to ensure that the private files you want to destroy don't fall into unauthorized hands, BCWipe is worth the price."
– Laszlo Nakovics,

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