Jetico Central Manager 2.5 Makes Deploying Enterprise Data Protection Easier Than Ever

16 May 2015

HELSINKI, Finland – June 16, 2015 – Jetico, leading developer of wiping and enterprise encryption software, has made client deployment with their Jetico Central Manager (JCM) tool easier and more reliable than ever. The revamped deployment options in JCM version 2.5 underscore Jetico’s primary focus on creating robust and scalable enterprise-class data protection.

Jetico CEO Michael Waksman states that the significant improvements in the new version 2.5 release are "proof positive that we at Jetico have been listening to our customers. Users of JCM will be pleased to learn that we’ve removed the more cumbersome aspects and streamlined not only deployment, but maintenance features and diagnostics as well. For instance, admins using the new JCM will enjoy a more painless experience thanks to Jetico’s complete redesign of the Push method."

With the much-improved Push functionality, the 'Users' tab and Logon Script deployment method have been rendered redundant and, therefore, have been removed entirely from the version 2.5 release. To continue their theme of eliminating redundancy, Jetico has also retired the E-mail deployment method in favor of the already useful Outside/Manual method, which now works for domain, standalone, and workgroup computers.

Waksman explains that with these new features, "Jetico has answered the demands of today’s IT admins for easy deployment without the disruptive, time-consuming network and client reconfigurations that have traditionally made large-scale deployment a pain."

In addition to improved deployment methods, JCM version .2.5 also offers:

  • Detailed logs and diagnostics. Enhanced error reporting now helps both client-side admins and Jetico technical support pinpoint where and why errors are happening, and can suggest troubleshooting options.
  • Security policies for removable disks. Admins have the option to encrypt removable disks, such as USB sticks, with or without a password and can set individual security policies for non-encrypted removable disks to be read-only or forbidden entirely.
  • Block running wiping tasks on unauthorized clients. In environments where Jetico’s BCWipe data erasure software is present, the new JCM offers the option to prevent local users from running BCWipe commands, avoiding unauthorized or undesired wiping.
  • Control user access to encryption/decryption of disk volumes.Admins using Jetico's enterprise encryption software can now decide whether to allow users to 'Manage Encryption Locally' or force their computers to abide by a central policy.
  • Improved Password recovery. Admins can generate passwords to boot and access encrypted client computers.

Additional user-inspired improvements include the ability to rename default computer groups, a more direct command for easily re-grouping computers and more admin-friendly views of computer lists and individual computers' settings.

About Jetico's Enterprise Data Protection

Jetico Central Manager version 2.5 is available now with all Enterprise Editions of Jetico’s BCWipeBestCrypt Volume Encryption and BestCrypt Container Encryption.

About Jetico

Jetico provides military-standard data protection software for sensitive and mission-critical data throughout the lifecycle. Trusted for over 10 years by the U.S. Department of Defense, Jetico's BCWipe can wipe selected files beyond forensic recovery such as in response to classified data spills, while BCWipe Total WipeOut can erase hard drive data entirely such as for disposal or decommission. To protect stored data, Jetico's BestCrypt delivers strong encryption that's easy to use for whole disks, virtual drives and selected files or folders. Enterprise Editions of Jetico software include central management for control of client software on remote computers.

Jetico products are trusted by government and military agencies, all of the top 10 U.S. defense contractors, many national laboratories, as well as various other enterprises and a wide global base of home and small business users in over 100 countries. Founded in 1995, Jetico is privately held and headquartered in the Otaniemi Science Park in Helsinki, Finland. For more information please visit


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