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16 Jan 2014

BestCrypt Base - Encrypted for Compliance, Invisible to Users

Built on Jetico's superior whole disk encryption, development of BestCrypt Base was initiated by needs learned from the US Healthcare market:

  • Protect patient data for HIPAA Compliance
  • Overcome pains related to using encryption

By running transparently in your office, your staff continues working naturally without the need to learn additional computer skills. BestCrypt Base delivers reliable encryption for all local disks in your network, while startup and shutdown can work the same as always.

Key Benefits:

  • Whole disk encryption at low cost
  • Safe base for data protection in case of theft
  • Compliance to avoid penalties and fines
  • Easy and transparent for users (Client level)
  • Minimal administration required
  • Convenient, affordable solution


Technical Features:

  • Remote key storage
  • Encryption of all local disks residing within the local network
  • Four security levels of encryption
  • Easy installation and automatic encryption of client computers
  • Central management (storage/back-up/access control)
  • Small, inexpensive diskless server (under $50) for encryption key

*(Includes only costs for the first year)

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