Cybersecurity Awareness Month Kicks Off in 3 Days: Get Ready to Boost Your Digital Insight & Data Protection

28 Sep 2023
Badge for being a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion 2023

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is just around the corner, with the campaign beginning on October 1. As we gear up to tackle the evolving challenges of the digital landscape, we're excited to share Jetico’s agenda to empower individuals and organizations to boost their digital insight and protection.

As a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion, we’ll be sharing informative blogs throughout the month, offering knowledge and advice on various aspects of cybersecurity.

To provide you with the most comprehensive insights possible, we're thrilled to announce that, along with contributions from Jetico’s CEO, we’ll be featuring guest blogs written by established figures in the Information Technology industry. These experts will share their wisdom, experiences and strategies, aiming to explain emerging technologies and enhance your online safety. 

Here's a sneak peek at our publishing calendar for October: 

October 10 
⛓️ "How Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity" – iDenfy 
Explore the revolutionary technology of blockchain and its potential to revolutionize cybersecurity. 

October 17 
✔️ "8 Ways Small Businesses Should Approach Cybersecurity" – Vonage 
Discover 8 essential strategies designed to empower small businesses in establishing robust cybersecurity practices and safeguarding their digital assets. 

October 24 
🧽 "Why Data Erasure is Vital in Protecting Sensitive Information" – RealVNC  
Dive into the world of data erasing tools and learn how they play a crucial role in protecting your sensitive information. 

October 31 
🔑 "Tips to Create a Strong Password [+ Examples]" – Jetico 
Master the art of crafting strong yet memorable passwords with practical examples to enhance your online security. 

Stay tuned for a month filled with informative content and practical advice to fortify your cybersecurity. 

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