BestCrypt and BCWipe Ready to Go on Windows 10 April Update

9 May 2018

BestCrypt and BCWipe Are Fully Compatible with the Latest Windows April Update

Jetico is happy to announce that BestCrypt and BCWipe are fully compatible with the Windows April Update. Our team of engineers has checked in advance to make sure that the latest version of the software is ready for working with the newest Windows OS build, meaning that users don't need to take any further action.

To take advantage of Jetico’s safe and transparent upgrade to Windows 10 April Update, please make sure that you have installed the latest version of BestCrypt and BCWipe. They are available for download at

BestCrypt Suite

Users of BestCrypt Suite can update via the Automatic Update utility available at BestCrypt Control Panel --> Utilities --> Automatic Update.

NOTE: An active software license is required for support and maintenance, including updates without added cost. To renew your license, visit Jetico's Online Shop.

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