Jetico Product Release Notes: BCWipe Total WipeOut - Enterprise Edition v.5

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Minimum System Requirements 

Windows system for server installation:

- OS: Windows 7 or newer (both 32- and 64-bit server or desktop systems are supported)
- RAM: 1GB minimal, 4GB recommended
- Disk Space: 500MB minimal, 2GB recommended

Microsoft OpenJDK 17+

- Download here
- Reboot is recommended after installing Java.
- Attention! Oracle Java or OpenJDK Java 8 implementations are not supported.

SQL Database (optional)*:

- MySQL 5.0 or newer
- PostgreSQL 9.0 or newer

* Recommended for reliability with larger setup. For evaluation or use in smaller office, BCWipe Total WipeOut - Enterprise Edition uses embedded Java database by default, no additional actions required. 

DHCP service (optional)**

** Required for network PXE boot

Supported Hardware (wipe target)

  • x86, BIOS or EFI
  • x64, BIOS or EFI, including Intel-based Mac (pre-2018)
  • T2 Mac (2018+)
  • M1, M2 Macs (2020+)
  • Itanium
  • 64-bit SPARC

BCWipe Total WipeOut - Enterprise Edition operates on a hardware level, independent of what’s on the disk.


Product Updates 

23-November-2022 | v.5.02.5

  • Added support for a larger set of keyboards
  • Introduced the ability to disable the search for network by default
  • Introduced support for custom logos in wiping reports

30-September-2022 | v.5.02.3

  • Added French, German, Spanish and Chinese localizations
  • Upload offline logs: Revamped user interface for improved usability
  • Wiping history: Improved list filtering
  • Erasure reports: Added information about verification

25-August-2022 | v.5.02.2

  • Introduced digital signatures for erasure reports
  • Extended capabilities for the Auditor role
  • Enhanced experience for the owners of unlimited licenses
  • Revised erasure process when performed via USB disk docks and built-in card readers
  • Increased the number of wipes available with the trial version 

17-June-2022 | v.5.02.1

  • Updated Linux kernel modules to v. 5.15

08-April-2022 | v.5.02.0

  • Updated embedded third-party libraries
  • Switched to Java 11+

25-November-2021 | v.5.01.0

  • Added automatic update feature
  • Added support for custom wiping schemes
  • Improved error/warnings reporting in the Management Console
  • Implemented 'Reset password' functionality for the main Administrator account
  • Implemented automatic sign-out after a 30 min timeout 

16-November-2021 | v.5.00.5

General availability of BCWipe Total WipeOut v.5 announced. 

  • Added support for T2 Mac and M1 Mac full disk wiping
  • Introduced support for Microsoft's Secure Boot
  • Added support for automated User Data Erase for NVMe drives
  • Streamlined interface in web-console and configuration Wizard
  • Enhanced wiping reports with new added hardware diagnostics
  • Partial verification for wiping activities