Native-OS, Add-On, or Independent Encryption — Which is Best for Your Business?

18 May 2021 | Michael Waksman

Are you looking for data encryption? Sooner or later, you will have to decide from which type of vendor you should buy your software. Generally speaking, there are 3 options:

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  1. Large companies that provide operating systems with built-in encryption
  2. Cybersecurity software companies that sell various tools as add-ons to a product suite
  3. More independent companies that are specifically dedicated to encryption software

In this blog, we will take a look at 5 reasons why using software from a company that focuses on encryption is likely the best choice for your business. 

Reason #1: Layered Security

You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket! In other words, when it comes to security, it’s not wise to rely on tools only from a single company to keep you safe.

Let’s say you purchase all of your security applications from one vendor. If the company is hacked or something goes wrong with their software, all of your data would be in danger. By layering your security instead, you have a diverse set of independent tools that provide additional protection in the event of failures, breaches or other hazards.

Ideally, a layered cybersecurity approach uses best-of-breed applications from a variety of vendors. You help your chances of staying protected in case one component should fail. That’s why layered security is important. 

Reason #2: No Backdoors

Most of you have probably heard about the concept of backdoors. In case you haven’t, a backdoor is a built-in way of bypassing encryption, allowing third parties to access your protected data without your permission. 

Encryption software can sometimes contain backdoors for manufacturers or authorities to gain access to private data. Backdoors, however, can also be exploited by criminals and hackers. 

Needless to say, if your encryption tool has a backdoor, then your data is less secure. So, considering if software might include a backdoor should be an essential part of your decision. Independent companies focused on encryption could be less likely to include backdoors in their software. This must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Reason #3: Focus on Encryption

It’s true that sourcing a variety tools from one company might generally be the easiest solution. Yet using native-OS or add-on disk encryption is likely countered by a sacrifice in the quality of your security.

While bigger cybersecurity companies can offer an impressive range of applications, they typically will not apply the same level of expertise to each of their products. This means that individual tools, such as disk encryption, are likely to be less innovative. Smaller companies that specifically focus on encryption, however, are better equipped to develop best-in-class products that offer superior security and performance.

Reason #4: Encryption Companies Act Faster

Compared to larger enterprises that offer various security applications, encryption companies are able to act faster when it comes to releasing new software and updates for existing solutions. As your IT environment evolves, your disk encryption is likely to be more effective, contain a greater number of advanced features and be more frequently updated to comply with emerging privacy regulations.

Reason #5: Agile Customer Service

When deciding on the right kind of disk encryption for you or your business, it’s also worth noting the type of customer service that you will receive. Larger companies that receive customer requests about a range of different products are less likely to answer your support ticket promptly, which can be problematic when you’re dealing with an emergency. In addition, support staff that have to deal with several kinds of products may not be experts on encryption software.

With encryption-focused companies, you can be sure that customer service agents know their products inside out. Due to the more agile nature of smaller companies, it’s also likely that you will receive faster assistance.

What’s Right for Your Business?

There are clear benefits to purchasing your disk encryption from each type of software provider. Choosing native-OS or add-on encryption from a larger enterprise might be the easiest and quickest option. If you go with a cybersecurity company that offers a large selection of products, you may also gain peace of mind by dealing with a familiar brand.

The most secure option, however, is to get your encryption software from encryption specialists. By layering your security, you can be sure that your applications are backing each other up and won't all be affected by an individual data breach or temporary failure. Choosing an encryption-focused company also means that you will receive best-in-class software, regular updates that are compliant with regulations and advice from specialists in their field.

BestCrypt by Jetico

One example of disk encryption software from a specialist company is BestCrypt by Jetico. BestCrypt is a commercial encryption solution that protects your sensitive data from physical risks and virtual threats. In addition to reliable customer support and features that include central management for administrators, BestCrypt contains no backdoors and is recommended by cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier and users like Ray Young from NYC REACH

"I do recommend BestCrypt. This business is all about trust. Given what I know, I trust Jetico."

— Bruce Schneier, Leading Security Expert & Author 

"Small and medium healthcare offices can struggle with integrating technical solutions, but now they are out of excuses to resist encryption for HIPAA compliance. Personally, I use BestCrypt on all my computers and recommend it to anyone that needs to have peace of mind for sensitive data. I just love it! I prefer them to monolithic companies because Jetico is entirely focused on data protection — that’s all they do." 

— Ray Young, Information Technology Officer at NYC REACH, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Start your free trial of BestCrypt today! 

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Michael Waksman

Michael Waksman has been serving as CEO of Jetico since 2011, more than doubling the size of the company during his tenure. He brings more than 20 years of communications, technology and leadership experience.

At Jetico, Waksman has lead creation of the corporate identity, raising global brand awareness, building a more commercially-driven team and initiating enterprise customer relations. Jetico has maintained a wide user base throughout the U.S. Defense community, in the global compliance market and for personal privacy.

Waksman served as vice-chairman of the Cyber Group for the Association of Finnish Defense and Aerospace Industries. Recognized as a security and privacy advocate, he is a frequent speaker at international events, occasionally on behalf of the Finnish cyber security industry. In 2012, Waksman was honored with The Security Network's Chairman's Award for fostering collaboration between the United States and Finland. As dual citizen, he is a native New Yorker and has been living in the Helsinki region for over 15 years.

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