How to Protect Your Data from the LANtenna Attack

8 Dec 2021 | Jetico Technical Support

Stay ahead of the latest type of attack with encrypted containers

An Israeli researcher has discovered a new type of electromagnetic attack that extracts data from systems by using Ethernet cables as antennas. Nicknamed the LANtenna attack, this simple technique specifically targets computers that are not connected to any external networks including the global net (known as air-gapped systems).

How Does the Attack Work?

Before data can be extracted from air-gapped systems, attackers will use a variety of tools to collect as much information as they can about their target. The next step is to install malware on the target’s network by using different types of infection vectors, such as contaminated USB drives, supply chain attacks, or stolen credentials. The research paper by Mordechai Guri notes that infection can still occur on highly secure networks.

Once the first phase is complete, attackers will try to extract sensitive data that has been gathered by the previously installed malware. By using Ethernet cables as antennas, data can be transmitted from targeted computers over radio waves. Attackers can then intercept these signals with a nearby radio receiver.

Should You Still Use Air-Gapped Networks?

Although air-gapped networks are regarded as one of the highest forms of network security, the LANtenna attack now enables hackers to breach even this setup.

That’s not to say, however, that Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections should be seen as preferable to air-gapped systems. On the contrary, using regular internet connections will make you an even easier target for hackers. Wi-Fi leaves users vulnerable to various kinds of attacks, while Ethernet connections increase your chances of being infected with Trojan horse malware that gathers and shares your private data.

In security, we must understand that nothing is completely bulletproof. Frankly, everything is vulnerable to some degree. While air-gapped networks may have some vulnerabilities, they still offer significantly reduced risk in comparison with
Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections.

Protect Your Data with BestCrypt

One way of protecting yourself from cyber threats like the LANtenna attack is to store your sensitive data in encrypted containers. By using BestCrypt Container Encryption to protect files and folders in closed containers, attackers are blocked from extracting your data.

In addition to protecting data with BestCrypt Container Encryption, you can also safeguard open containers and data that’s stored on your hard drive by using BestCrypt Data Shelter. In this case, data extraction will be rejected and attackers will not be able to access your files. Watch our simple 3-step video to enable BestCrypt Data Shelter and start protecting your data in use.

With cyberattacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, it’s essential that you are equipped with the right data protection software. With BestCrypt, users are also provided with extra protection against brute-force attacks and keylogger spyware. Find out more about BestCrypt Container Encryption and start your free trial today.

And don’t forget to keep your data-in-use protected by downloading BestCrypt Data Shelter for free! 

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