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Encryption used on its own still leaves vulnerabilities for sensitive data to be recovered. In order to achieve truly complete data protection, an active combined system of precise encryption and wiping mitigates these risks.


The Jetico Cyber Hygiene solution protects endpoint data throughout the lifecycle with Painless Encryption and ‘Forensically Clean’ Wiping – encryption to securely store confidential data and wiping for secure deletion of data when no longer needed.



Jetico Complete Data Protection - Your Endpoint Solution for Cyber Hygiene

  • Single installation program to use all utilities:
      • BestCrypt Volume Encryption to encrypt entire hard drives
      • BestCrypt Container Encryption to encrypt selected files/folders
      • BCWipe to wipe selected files/folders
  • Central management available for Enterprise-class efficiency and control of all utilities
  • Single license key for all-in-one access
  • Bundled pricing for added savings


Jetico Cyber Hygiene in 3 Steps


Step 1: Whole Disk Encryption


Encryption is the ideal solution for anyone concerned with protecting sensitive information on lost computers or stolen laptops. Back in 2006, Jetico introduced BestCrypt Volume Encryption as the world’s first native encryption software for disk volumes.




For encrypting whole hard drives, BestCrypt Volume Encryption offers the following added benefits compared to traditional full disk encryption:

  • More flexible solution (can work on RAID)
  • More user-friendly method
  • Lighter performance impact


Good Start, But Not Enough For Cyber Hygiene
With pre-boot authentication, BestCrypt Volume Encryption keeps your data safe while your computer is turned off. Yet at some point, you likely want to turn on your computer and perhaps connect to a network. In this case, while your computer is active, Volume Encryption (or any Full Disk Encryption utility) is no longer protecting your sensitive data. The "front gate" is open and intruders can get inside.


Step 2: Encryption for Selected Files and Folders



BestCrypt Container Encryption protects any selected files or folders on an active computer, shared workstation or network storage. Thanks to compatibility on different operating systems, BestCrypt container files may be moved to any computer or storage media, working seamlessly between Windows, Mac OS and Linux.



To protect stored data, BestCrypt delivers strong encryption that doesn’t hurt to use - quick to install, intuitively easy to use and totally transparent because encrypted containers behave just like virtual drives. To encrypt a file, simply drag and drop into a BestCrypt container. For access to encrypted files, just mount the container (or virtual drive) with the right password or keys.


Multiple containers of nearly any size can be created and managed, such as for different people with separate access privileges. For protecting the "crown jewels", you may even use enhanced hidden containers for deniable encryption or undetectable access to your most sensitive files. It's much more difficult for intruders to crack a safe if they don't even know that safe exists.


Good Progress, But Not Done For Cyber Hygiene
While files stored in encrypted containers are safely tucked away from intruders, recoverable traces may still exist out in the open. Hence, a good janitor is needed to clean up the mess.


Step 3: Wiping Selected Files + All Data Remanence



By now, you've likely heard that 'delete' does not really mean delete. Residual data, known as Data Remanence, continues to exist after common activities, such as ‘delete’ a file or move a file. When data resides somewhere it shouldn’t be, BCWipe is there for clearing files and all Data Remanence beyond forensic recovery.



For over 10 years BCWipe has been trusted as the wiping utility of choice for the U.S. Defense Community and is widely accepted as the de-facto standard to clean up data spills. Use military-grade procedures to surgically remove all traces of any file, including wipe local and Internet history.


Transparent Wiping - Your Magic Nanny!

When operating systems handle your sensitive data, it is like feeding a messy, cranky baby. The "food" doesn't only go where you intended - it gets splattered in many locations where information can easily be recovered. BCWipe Transparent Wiping acts like a magic nanny - automatically catching and cleaning all that mess so you don't have to.



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