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Hitting the road?
When using another computer during your trip, take along BestCrypt Traveller to access your encrypted files.



NEW: Now Available for Mac


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BestCrypt TravellerTM allows quick access to encrypted container files created by BestCrypt without installation of the software.


After running a single executable file (BCTraveller.exe for Windows, BCTraveller.dmg for Mac), a standard BestCrypt icon appears in the Windows system tray from where commands can be run to mount or dismount container files.

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  • Access Encrypted Container Files Created by BestCrypt Software
  • Support Command Line Interface
  • traveller_tray

System Requirements

Windows 10, Windows 8,
Windows 7, Windows Vista,
Windows XP,
Windows 2008 Server,
Windows 2003 Server,
Mac OS X 10.7+

Technical Documents

Release Notes (Windows)
Release Notes (Mac)


Technical Support

Contact Jetico Support

  • traveller_tray

Benefits & Advantages

Access to your encrypted files wherever you are

BestCrypt Traveller can be downloaded from any place in the world and allows quick access to encrypted container files created by BestCrypt. A single BestCrypt Traveller executable can also be stored on a removable disk together with encrypted containers to access the data on any computer that might be temporarily available during a trip.


Full support for BestCrypt

BestCrypt Traveller supports containers encrypted by any Encryption Algorithm and any Key Generator available in BestCrypt.


Light encryption

Since the software appears on computer as a guest program, it does not install a number of powerful modules of its big brother - BestCrypt (link to Encryption tab - Enterprise Data Protection).


Works without installation

BestCrypt Traveller does not require installation.


Freeware utility

BestCrypt Traveller is a freeware utility, meaning it does not require registration or licensing.



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If you would like to translate BestCrypt Traveller into your native language, contact Jetico Technical Support.


Access to your encrypted files wherever you are...Rely on BestCrypt Traveller


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