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Jetico Product Release Notes:

BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows v.9

Note: This document is regularly updated and is subject to change without notice. We invite you to share your feedback with us, including reporting issues with our products, via our online contact form at

Minimum System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

BestCrypt supports the following operating systems, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions:

Product Updates

20-July-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.4 | Driver v.4.56

31-May-2017 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.56

10-April-2017 | Control Panel v.9.03.2 | Driver v.4.56

29-September-2016 | Control Panel v.9.03.1 | Driver v.4.56

21-September-2016 | Control Panel v.9.03 | Driver v.4.56

22-August-2016 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.54

12-August-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.11 | Driver v.4.54

23-June-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.10 | Driver v.4.54

29-February-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.9 | Driver v.4.54

13-January-2016 | Control Panel v.9.02.8 | Driver v.4.53

11-December-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.7 | Driver v.4.53

02-December-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.6 | Driver v.4.53

25-November-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.5 | Driver v.4.53

29-September-2015 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.51

06-July-2015 | Control Panel v.9.02.2 | Driver v.4.51

16-June-2015 | Control Panel v. | Driver v.4.51

13-May-2015 | Control Panel v9.02.1 | Driver v.4.51

07-January-2015 | Control Panel v9.01.2 | Driver v.4.50

17-December-2014 | Control Panel v9.01.1 | Driver v.4.50
Commercial version 9.01 of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows released.
  1. Added support for containers larger than 2 TB
  2. Added capability to instantly create and access containers
  3. Added support for Dynamic Containers featuring Smart Free Space Monitoring
  4. Optimized major driver performance
  5. Implemented AES encryption algorithm for hardware acceleration
  6. Added Whirlpool, SHA-2 and SHA-3 hash algorithms
  7. Improved key stretching
  8. Improved GUI
  9. Added support for Windows 10 Technical Preview

17-November-2014 | BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows v.9.00.1 Beta | Driver v.4.50
Beta version of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows v.9 announced.
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